There are so many small holidays dedicated to taking care of yourself and your McAllen dentists at Heroes Dental certainly celebrate these, especially when they bring awareness to dental health. 

Some of these are specific, like National Tooth Fairy Day, while others like National Gum Care Month are just about bringing awareness to certain issues. 

On October 7th, a holiday with a great cause is celebrated: World Smile Day. This day is dedicated to good cheer and acts of kindness. Celebrating it is simple too, just try to make people smile!

Where Did World Smile Day Come From?

World Smile Day is a somewhat newer holiday celebrated on the first Friday of October. It became an official holiday in 1999 thanks to the efforts of graphic artist Harvey Ball. While his name may be unfamiliar, his work isn’t: he is the artist behind the classic yellow smiley face! 

He first made the classic image in 1963, and it quickly spread during the 60s and 70s. The logo found its way into popular culture and has been a major thematic element in works like the Watchmen graphic novel. In fact, you might’ve immediately thought of his contribution to our culture once we mentioned the smiley face!

The symbol was made to represent cheerfulness and goodwill, but Ball felt that the commercialization was taking away from the original message. In order to spread his message as he intended, he worked to create a holiday to celebrate a positive mood and small acts of kindness.

How Do You Celebrate World Smile Day?

World Smile Day is easy to celebrate since anyone can do it! First, take the time to do things to make you happy. Follow your dreams and take the time to think about what makes you smile. 

Another great way to celebrate is to do small acts of kindness. It really doesn’t need to be big, just offering a bit of support. Help your elderly neighbor with raking up some leaves or simply pay attention for opportunities to help others as you go about your day. You will see opportunities to spread some joy if you are looking for them.

If you want to do something with a bit more impact, consider volunteering! There are always local organizations that need some help. Animal shelters can always use support with cleaning up or your local soup kitchen may need more hands. 

Ask around your community and you will find plenty of great causes. 

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Nothing will stop you from smiling faster than being self-conscious about your teeth. Don’t let this simple joy be taken from you — Heroes Dental is here to help. Whether you are worried about your oral health or just your looks, we have your back. Our dentists are ready to help you stay smiling no matter what day it is. 

Don’t neglect your smile, set up an appointment today. Regular checkups will keep your teeth healthy for years to come. Many common tooth and gum issues can be fixed if they are caught early! 

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