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If you’re looking for a straighter smile but you’re not too keen on the idea of having a lot of metal in your mouth, clear composite braces might be the perfect choice for you. Not all braces are made from stainless steel, and clear braces are significantly less noticeable. They still do a great job of creating beautiful, straight smiles, and aligning your bite.

Both metal and clear braces involve attaching brackets to the teeth and connecting those brackets on a wire. The difference is the types of materials used to create the brackets. Clear braces are created from composite materials that come in a variety of transparency levels and are a great option if you’re looking for something subtle but effective.

Note that the term clear braces is also sometimes used to refer to clear aligners, like Invisalign. Heroes Dental offers both types of clear braces, but the following information is in regards to clear composite braces, not Invisalign.

See the Benefits of Clear Braces on Your Smile

Less Visible

While you may still be able to see clear braces, they’re made from a material that is much less visible compared to metal braces.

Less Painful

The materials used to make clear braces are less abrasive than the materials used in metal braces, making them more comfortable.

Great Results

Clear braces can help you straighten crooked teeth, reduce overcrowding, realign the jaw, and correct over- and underbites.

See the Potential Difference a Straighter, Brighter Smile Can Make in Your Life

Improve Dental Health

Boost Confidence

Smile More

Better Career Opportunities

Feel Happier

Reduce Likelihood of Decay

Decrease Risk for Gum Disease

Improve Dental Hygiene

Clear Braces Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Clear Braces Compare With Metal Braces?
Clear braces and metal braces are used to treat the same issues, but they do have some differences beyond their appearance. First of all, clear braces are generally reported to be more comfortable than metal braces. They also tend to collect less plaque than metal braces. On the other hand, clear braces can be less durable than metal braces.
Are There Any Drawbacks to Clear Braces?
Clear braces can be more difficult to remove compared to metal braces, and they may also be more likely to break.
How Long Do I Have To Wear Clear Braces?
Clear braces take the same amount of time to straighten your teeth as metal braces, meaning you can expect your treatment to last anywhere from 18 months to 2 years.
Can Clear Braces Be Used on Both Top and Bottom Teeth?
Clear braces are most often used on the top teeth because they’re more visible, but clear braces can be applied to both the top and bottom teeth.

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