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Give Your Child a Solid Foundation of Oral Health

Protecting your child’s oral health is a key part of your responsibility as a parent, and choosing the right dentist will have a big impact on your child’s dental experience. Here at Heroes Dental and Little Heroes Dental, we are committed to providing the most welcoming and comfortable environment to help children feel relaxed and calm. We pride ourselves on providing exceptional dental health services for children in the Rio Grande Valley, and we are ready to help you build a foundation of excellent oral health for your child.

Get the McAllen Pediatric Dental Care Your Child Needs

Dental Checkups

Our experienced pediatric dentists can gently and carefully examine your child’s teeth and do any necessary cleaning.

Dental Fillings

Maintaining your child’s health often means addressing dental problems before they get worse, including filling cavities.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are a great way to prevent cavities and maintain good oral health. Talk to your pediatric dentist about sealants.

Fluoride Treatment

Preventative care is essential. Fluoride treatments are another great option for preventing cavities from forming.

Is It Time to Bring Your Child to Their Pediatric Dentist?

Great oral health starts when we’re young. It’s when we’re young that we form the oral health practices that we’ll carry with us throughout our lives. One important part of establishing healthy habits in your child is by ensuring they are regularly seen by a dentist. Your child should see a dentist at least every six months, but you should schedule an appointment early if there are any signs of problems, including gum bleeding or persistent bad breath. Take steps to protect your child’s healthy smile by scheduling a dental appointment with Heroes Dental today!

See the Benefits of Compassionate Pediatric Dentistry Services

Comfortable, Convenient Care

Prevent Cavities and Decay

Catch and Treat Diseases

State-of-the-Art Facility

A Brighter Smile

Boost Overall Health

Experienced, Compassionate Staff

Save Money Long-Term

Your Pediatric Dentistry FAQs Answered

How Early Should I Take My Baby to the Dentist?
You should take your baby to the dentist within about six months of their first tooth appearing. This generally means you should make sure your baby has seen a dentist by the time they turn one.
How Early Should I Start Brushing My Baby’s Teeth?
You should start gently brushing your baby’s teeth as soon as they first appear. Even before then, you should be sure you’re keeping your baby’s gums clean, though you can use a damp cloth instead of a toothbrush or toothpaste. Usually, your baby’s first teeth will begin to erupt within around six months of birth. You should start using a small, soft-bristled brush and a tiny amount of toothpaste–about the size of a grain of rice–to brush your baby’s teeth right away.
Is Thumb-Sucking Bad for Teeth?
Thumb sucking can lead to real dental issues, especially if it is done persistently or forcefully. The teeth can become misaligned, and the structure of the mouth can change. However, this generally isn’t a concern for baby teeth.
Which Heroes Dental Offices Offer Pediatric Dental Care?
We have several offices that offer special healthcare services for children and babies, including in Laredo, Mission, San Juan, and McAllen, TX. We’re also happy to see children for top-quality dental care and general dentistry services at one of our other Rio Grande Valley locations. Come see us for healthy smiles!

Protect your child’s developing smile with McAllen pediatric dental care at Heroes Dental.

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