October is National Dental Hygiene Awareness Month! The American Dental Hygienists’ Association and Wrigley started National Dental Hygiene Awareness Month in 2009 to promote healthy teeth, gums, and care!

During this time, we like to celebrate and honor all the fantastic work that our pediatric dentists in Mission have done to keep our patients healthy and smiling. We also want to stress the importance of dental hygiene for our community of parents and children in Mission and throughout the Rio Grande Valley.

Healthy Teeth Begins with Awareness

National Dental Hygiene Awareness Month gives our pediatric dentists in Mission the opportunity to educate our community about various prevalent topics to your dental health.

During this month, we would like to bring awareness to inflammation of the gums, which is also known as gingivitis (in the earlier stages) and periodontal disease. Gingivitis is when gums in children or adults swell and bleed. Common signs of periodontal disease are red and inflamed gums. Periodontal disease may cause inflammation around the gums and the buildup of plaque, resulting in tooth loss and decay in adults.

Our family dentists have given many reasons why discoloration and yellowing of teeth occur amongst children and adults in our recent blogs. Among these reasons are eating too many acidic foods, genetics, and poor brushing habits. Not addressing any teeth whitening concerns sooner will cause serious concerns, such as cavities or tooth decay.
Cavities, also known as caries, are damaged areas of your teeth that develop into tiny openings or holes. They are usually caused by eating acidic and sugary foods, which create enamel-eating bacteria.

General Oral Care
General oral care means making sure you keep a good dental routine, booking appointments to see your dentist in Mission every six months, and keeping up with any treatments or following appointments.

At Heroes Dental we believe that it is essential to take your dental health as seriously as you would your overall health! Book an appointment with us during National Dental Hygiene Awareness Month. via https://heroesdental.com/… Share on X

Prioritize Your Dental Hygiene Routine

One of the best ways to honor National Dental Hygiene Month is by practicing your daily dental hygiene routine! We encourage parents to help implement a good dental routine with their children by:

  • Brushing– Brushing twice a day keeps the bacteria and plaque away!
  • Flossing– It’s essential to floss after each meal or after brushing your teeth to make sure you remove the bits of lodged-up food and plaque hiding beneath gums and teeth. Flossing helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease.
  • Rinsing– Make sure to use an antibacterial, non-alcohol-based mouthwash that carries the ADA Seal of Acceptance. Mouthwash helps remove plaque and gingivitis germs that may be missed when brushing or flossing.
  • Eating healthy– Avoid sugary and acidic foods and drinks as much as possible. Help implement a healthy diet full of leafy greens and nutritious vitamins for you and your children to enjoy.
  • Regular Checkups– Be sure to check your children’s teeth for any dental concerns, like cavities or injuries.

Take Advantage of Our Dental Hygiene Services

We hope that learning more about National Dental Hygiene Awareness Month empowers you to take action when it comes to keeping your teeth healthy for a long time to come! Your pediatric dentists at Heroes Dental take pride in prioritizing the state of your children’s dental health.

We invite you and your child to take advantage of our dental services this month or simply pay a visit and say hello!

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