At Heroes Dental, we believe that maintaining healthy teeth is essential to keeping up with your overall health! 

Visit our pediatric and family dentists in Mission to brighten up your smile with our teeth whitening services today. However, before you do so, we’d like to share a few reasons why teeth whitening is important.

Causes of Yellow Teeth

It’s essential to know about the various factors that cause the yellowing or discoloration of teeth. In our previous blog, we discussed the reasons why your children’s teeth are yellow. 

To reiterate, the yellowing and discoloration of teeth can be caused by:

    • • Aging
    • • Plaque
    • • Cavities
    • • Injuries
    • • Genetics
    • • Supplements
    • • Chemicals
    • • Fluorosis
    • • Poor brushing habits
    • • Congenital and medical disorders
    • • Tobacco use (smoking)
    • • Acidic food or drinks (especially coffee and tea for adults)

Why Whitening Teeth Is Important

First off, your smile is one of the first things that people around you will notice. By whitening your teeth, you will give off a much brighter and vibrant smile, appearance, and attitude than before. 

Other reasons why you should whiten your teeth include:

    • ① Boost of confidence: Whitening teeth may help with your mental health by giving you a boost of confidence around your peers and social circle. You may find yourself more comfortable smiling, speaking, and greeting others around you.
    • ② Important events: We want to look our best when attending a momentous occasion or social event, so be sure to book an appointment with our family and pediatric dentistry in Mission!
    • ③ Aesthetic: When we look good, we feel good! Whitening your teeth may help you appear and feel younger as well.
    • ④ Aging and wear on teeth: Whitening teeth can help remove any plaque and stains, which may be causing the dullness on your smile.
    • ⑤ Reversing spots caused by injury: Blood, or hemosiderin, can collect in the root canals of your teeth after an accident, turning them yellow, brown, gray, or black.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Did you know that the American Dental Association recommends working with a dental professional for a long-term whitening solution? Reach out to Heroes Dental today to learn more about our teeth whitening procedures! Share on X

Our dentists at Heroes Dental offer professional teeth whitening services in Mission to help you achieve a beaming smile! Our office applies robust whitening solutions, and we ensure a pain-free process throughout your visit. 

Professional teeth whitening is much faster and efficient than methods done at home. We also help combat any tooth sensitivity that you may feel following your treatment. 

At-Home Teeth Whitening

One of the best ways to maintain your pearly whites is by practicing healthy brushing habits at home. Brushing twice a day and flossing will help remove daily stains caused by drinks or foods you consume throughout your day. 

However, we are fully aware of over-the-counter kits that are available for teeth whitening. Although they are accessible, they are not as effective as professional whitening treatments. The whitening agent may leak and damage the gums and other sensitive areas of your mouth, so always take extra precautions when using over-the-counter kits. 

We Offer Teeth Whitening in Mission

Give our office a call to book an appointment for teeth whitening in Mission. We want to help brighten up your day and bring you that extra boost of confidence your smile needs!

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