Happy New Year! It’s time to celebrate the end of 2023 and get ready for the year to come — and that means New Year’s resolutions! This year, make your dental health a priority with New Year’s resolutions from your Pharr family dentists.

Keep reading to check out four big dental health resolutions that you should commit to achieving in 2024.

Brush Twice Per Day

We know, we know. Brushing your teeth might seem like a pretty basic goal, but the fact is that regular brushing is something that many people struggle with. Brushing is essential to maintaining your dental health and preventing dental issues, but many people don’t brush as often as they should. In fact, as many as 31% of adults don’t brush twice per day. That’s a lot of people putting their dental health at risk! 

This year, make sure you’re not a part of that percentage, and take care when brushing to make sure you’re really getting clean!

Floss It Up

Flossing is one of the biggest heroes for your dental health. Floss helps to prevent cavities in some of the most vulnerable spots on your teeth: the places where they press together. As if that weren’t enough reason to keep up with daily flossing, flossing can also be a big help in combating bad breath. Food and residue can get stuck between your teeth and cause smelly bacteria to grow. Flossing helps keep your teeth fresh!

To get the most out of your flossing routine, floss once per day around bedtime before you brush your teeth.

Drink More Water

The benefits that come with drinking enough water really can’t be overstated. From maintaining your joint health to clearing waste from your system, water is crucial for a ton of important functions in your body. 

Another key role that water plays is clearing food and debris from your teeth. This year, try to drink more water, especially during and after meals. It’s also a good idea to get a drink of water after eating or drinking foods that can stain your teeth, like coffee or tomato sauce. 

Don’t Forget Your Dental Visit to Heroes Dental!

Another key part of dental health maintenance that many people miss out on is regular visits to the dentist. While some people may go years without seeing a dentist, you really should try to be seen at least once or twice per year. Regular dental check-ups and dental cleanings help prevent plaque buildup, catch dental issues before they progress, and treat cavities before they grow. 

If it’s been 6 months or more since your last dental appointment, call the team at Heroes Dental today to schedule your next check-up. Whether it’s only been a few months or it’s been years, we won’t judge, and we’ll get you the care that you need. Call today to get seen by one of the best Pharr dentists. We also offer care in Laredo, Edinburg, McAllen, San Juan, Mission, and more. 

Protect your dental health with regular visits to your Pharr family dentist! Schedule your appointment at Heroes Dental today!

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