Over the years we’ve provided tons of information on everything dental health care and we like to take a look back every once in a while on these oldies but goodies. Your McAllen dentists at Heroes Dental would like to share some of our favorite blogs with you which touch on a variety of topics.

The following blogs are sure to come in handy:

5 Home Remedies for Your Toothache

Toothaches happen at some of the most inconvenient times. When this happens, you might not be able to visit your dentist for a few days. But, of course, you’ll want to take care of the pain as soon as possible. While you’re waiting to visit Heroes Dental, take these five home remedies for soothing a toothache into consideration.

4 Things You Need to Know to Prep for Teeth Whitening

When you choose Heroes Dental for a teeth whitening procedure, you can expect a friendly environment, great attention, and amazing results. You’ll be in-and-out before you can say, “Smile,” if you take these 4 tips to prepare for your teeth whitening procedure at Heroes Dental.

9 Amazing Tips for Protecting Your Retainer

Braces fix smiles but it’s the retainer that keeps your teeth straight after the braces have been taken off. At Heroes Dental, we want to make sure you reap the biggest benefit from your treatment, so we’d like to offer you these 9 super useful tips for protecting your retainer.

Use this guideline and you’ll have a lifetime worth of gorgeous pearly whites.

What Is Causing White Spots and Discoloration on My Baby’s Teeth?

If you have been noticing white spots and discoloration on your child’s primary (baby) teeth, this may be a sign of an underlying problem. There’s no need to panic though. The family dentists at Heroes Dental can help you better understand why your child’s teeth are developing white spots and what you can do to fix these problems.

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