For most, a bright smile is a powerful source of confidence. When your teeth are lackluster, you may not feel your best. Luckily, teeth whitening treatments are quick and convenient solutions to get your pearly whites – and your confidence – in shape.

While teeth whitening procedures and treatments are common, there is some preparation involved to maximize results. Whether you’re whitening your teeth in your dentist’s office, or at home, there are a few things you should know and do to prepare your teeth for a revitalization.

Schedule a Dental Checkup

If you’re scheduled for a routine dental visit right before your whitening session, take advantage of the appointment. Even if you’re not scheduled, seeing your dentist before whitening is your best bet for a successful treatment. Your dentist will take your dental health and unique needs into consideration before recommending a whitening treatment.

Because some stains cannot be removed or treated with whitening, you’ll want an expert opinion before moving forward.

Your dentist will be able to determine if you are an ideal candidate. Even professional bleaching gel is no match for internal stains caused by trauma, decay, or long-term exposure to antibiotics. Whitening treatments are suitable only for external stains caused by eating, drinking, and even smoking. You have several options for whitening, whether in your dentist’s office or at home, so you’ll want to know which method will suit your needs best.

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Opt for Pre-Treatment Teeth Cleaning

Whatever treatment you decide to go with, make sure to get your teeth cleaned to greatly improve the results of your whitening treatment. When plaque or tartar is present on your teeth, the bleaching products used may not catch correctly and thus not have a maximum effect.

A dental cleaning will remove tartar and other sediments that you can’t remove at home. Maintaining a good dental care routine in the weeks leading up to your treatment is also desirable. Brush and floss daily to avoid issues that may delay or botch your teeth whitening procedure.

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Desensitize Sensitive Teeth

A fairly common side effect of teeth whitening procedures is gum and teeth sensitivity. If you’re prone to sensitivity outside of dental treatments, you’ll want to invest in a desensitizing toothpaste prior to your teeth whitening procedure.
You can use the toothpaste for at least two weeks before your scheduled procedure. A desensitizing toothpaste contains strontium chloride and potassium nitrate, ingredients that help block the transmission of pain signals from the tooth to the nerve. Some people feel sensitivity because the heat and chemicals used during dental treatments penetrate the pores in their teeth. Incorporating a desensitizing toothpaste into your dental care routine can help reduce any discomfort before and after your whitening treatment. If you feel your teeth are extremely sensitive and you will feel discomfort after the treatment, discuss the option of taking an over-the-counter pain reliever with your doctor.

Use a Shade Guide

When it comes to teeth whitening, winging it is probably not a good idea. You should consider consulting with your dentist first, getting a teeth cleaning, using a desensitizing toothpaste if you have sensitivity, and finding out your goal shade. Check out a shade guide to compare the shades to your current shade. Find the shade that most closely matches your shade so you have a base shade and a goal shade. You can use a shade guide to compare your teeth after a whitening treatment and see if you achieved your desired results. Your dentist can help you determine how much lighter you should go for a natural and bright smile.

Revitalize Your Smile at Heroes Dentistry

If you’re pearly whites have not been looking so pearly or white lately, teeth whitening at Heroes Dentistry in the Rio Grande Valley is here for you.

We can help you achieve and maintain a bright and fresh set of pearly whites. Our cosmetic dentists offer in-house professional teeth whitening aimed at combating sensitivity and prolonging the results of the whitening treatment. While we do not recommend do-it-yourself kits, we are ready to provide you with information to make the best of your at-home whitening treatment.

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