It’s hot outside. Like, really hot outside.

With some quick thinking, you might determine that a nice swim is a great way to cool off.

After some time relaxing in the shallow end, you examine your fingers and see that they are pruning. You decide that now is the time to get out of the pool and dry off.

This is a usual scenario that occurs during the summer months – especially here in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. But if you aren’t careful, pruning of the skin isn’t the only thing that can occur from staying in a pool for too long.

That’s why our general dentists here at Heroes Dental in the Rio Grande Valley and South Texas want to inform our readers about how long stays in a pool can also affect their teeth.

Pool Water Can Hurt Your Teeth

It’s happened to a lot of us. We’re swimming along, enjoying the day when a rush of water enters our mouth. Normally, we spit it out and continue with our day, but this is where most of the damage occurs.

Also known as swimmer’s calculus (which has nothing to do with math), the damage occurs when pool water treated with chlorine deposits residue – mainly antimicrobials – on to your teeth after 6 or more hours of swimming per week.

Scientifically speaking, the antimicrobials cause salivary proteins in your mouth to break down quickly. The result is a hard, brown tartar that appears mainly on and around your front teeth. Although this is primarily an aesthetic problem, a trip to the cosmetic dentist is recommended to repair it.

If you’re spending any time outside this summer, the only tanning you want to get is on your skin, not your teeth!

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Improperly Treated Pools Can Do A Lot of Damage to Your Teeth

Aside from irritated eyes and skin, an over-chlorinated pool can wreak havoc on those pearly whites.

The pH level of chlorine can cause enamel – the protective coating on your teeth – to wear down. This can lead to the affected teeth becoming very sensitive and brittle, as well as making the consumption of cold or hot drinks or food painful.

Unfortunately, enamel cannot be regenerated. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Accidents Can Happen

A pool can turn the perfect day to a day full of anxiety, fast.

Accidents can happen because of the slippery ground surrounding the pool. That’s why most of the “Rules” signs say in big bold letters No Running or Horseplay.

If one of our little heroes were to suplex another in the pool, he or she could land teeth first on the edge of the pool. The same thing can happen to any adult running along the pool looking to pull off the greatest cannon ball ever and diving into shallow areas.

It is imperative that we watch our little heroes when they are enjoying the day outside at the pool. A trip to the orthodontist for dental repair can be costly if teeth were knocked out of alignment because of an accident.

And the same goes for adults. Just because you’re a little older doesn’t mean you should forget about pool safety rules.

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Safety First

With a little bit of precaution taken beforehand, a day at the pool can turn into a great memory. Some of these safety tips may seem like common sense but it’s always in your best interest to follow them:

  • Wear a mouthguard if you are going to play contact sports inside of the pool, like water polo or water volleyball. The mouthguard can protect your teeth from damage from the pool and from injuries caused by the sport itself. (Always use mouthguards when playing sports.)
  • Follow the pool rules! No running or diving in shallow water.
  • Rinse your mouth out after a swim in the pool. You’ll want to clean out that pool water residue that may have gotten into your mouth.
  • Don’t skimp out of hiring a professional to treat your pool properly.

And, as always…

Drop by Heroes Dental for a Cleaning This Summer!

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