Everyone has wisdom teeth that generally erupt when a person ages into adulthood.

Because of all the myths spread about wisdom teeth, many people are afraid when they need to be extracted. However, there’s no reason to be afraid! In fact, not everyone will even need their wisdom teeth extracted.

Learn more about your wisdom teeth from your McAllen dentist at Heroes Dental.  

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the largest molars in the mouth; individuals have two on the top jaw and two on the bottom. These teeth are typically the last to erupt, growing in between the ages of 17 to 21 years of age, which is where they get their name “wisdom teeth” from.  

Unfortunately, since these teeth are so large, they may not fit in the jaw properly, which can lead to oral health issues.

Do Wisdom Teeth Always Need Extraction?

While many individuals will develop issues with their wisdom teeth if they aren’t extracted, not everyone will. By visiting a dentist’s office in your area, you can have a McAllen dentist monitor your wisdom teeth to help determine if they will need to be removed. 

Your dentist should be able to catch any potential problems early on if you’re going in for a checkup every 6 months.

On the other hand, when wisdom teeth grow out too close to other teeth, they may push them aside or even cause bone loss. If you’re not careful, they can even develop hidden cavities or trap bacteria. 

Another reason to visit your dentist in McAllen, TX, is to ensure that any unerupted teeth are not causing you problems. A wisdom tooth that hasn’t erupted can cause cysts to form in the jaw, leading to damage to the jaw bone or roots of nearby teeth.

However, as previously mentioned, not everyone will develop issues and, thus, not everyone will need to have them extracted. 

Your McAllen dentist will be able to determine if they need to be removed or not. 

What To Expect From an Extraction

The status of your wisdom teeth will determine what type of extraction needs to take place. 

If your wisdom teeth have erupted, a simple extraction should suffice. This works much like any other tooth extraction:

  • your gums and jaw will be numbed first 
  • the dentist will loosen the tooth with an elevator
  • Once loosened, the wisdom tooth will be pulled out with pliers 

Simple extractions like this are easy to heal from. 

If your wisdom teeth haven’t erupted, your dentist may refer you to an oral surgeon. In this process, you will be sedated so that the specialist can access the tooth and remove it. Generally, this procedure takes longer to recover from and must also be carefully monitored to avoid serious complications, like the development of a dry socket. 

Dentist in McAllen, Here for You

Regular checkups are the best way to keep an eye on your wisdom teeth and finding a local dentist’s office is just as important. If you need a dentist in McAllen, TX, look no further than Heroes Dental.

If your wisdom teeth are giving you trouble, contact Heroes Dental.

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