If life were a fairy tale, all you would have to do is meet up with a mysterious fortune teller in the woods somewhere, where she’d hover and swirl her hands over a large crystal ball and tell you what your future has in store for you.

In reality, it can be a lot less complex to see into our teeth’s future (and you don’t need a crystal ball to do it). Instead of a fortune teller, come visit our expert team of dentists here at Heroes Dental.

Our general and cosmetic dentists might not have magical powers, but they know that the condition of your teeth can provide valuable insight into your health and wellbeing.

Your Teeth Are A Strong Indicator Of Your Health

It may seem like a confusing scenario to consider; how can your teeth tell how healthy you are?

Well, it is quite simple.

Your teeth fall out all the time when you’re a child. This is a perfectly normal process and doesn’t mean your children’s teeth are in bad shape.

But the teeth that you grow thereafter…

That set of teeth can tell your dentist a lot about what you eat, what bad habits you have, how often you brush and floss, life stresses, and even genetic conditions or chronic illnesses.

As a matter of fact, there have been plenty of studies that suggest that if you have a full set of teeth when you are older, chances are you could live to be 100.

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The Science Behind the Study

In a study published in Periodontology 2000, a sample group of elderly people ranging from 64 to 100 years of age was gathered and monitored. The centenarians were reviewed to see how many of their natural teeth they still had and were compared to younger individuals in the group who were around 64-75 years of age.

It was found that the more teeth that one had around the ages of 64-75, the more likely it is that they will live to be 100.

The message is clear. Proper care of our teeth can lead us to a ripe, old age.

However, when you truly consider the reason why that could be, it becomes rather simple. A loss of teeth impairs the quality of life.

Missing some teeth can disable our ability to eat certain foods. If someone were missing their front teeth, for instance, it would be hard for them to bite down on an apple. If someone else were missing their molars, it would be difficult to chew and break down meat for protein.

Many nutritional benefits would be unavailable should we lose our teeth.

Nutritional benefits aside, missing teeth can also be an insight into bad habits. Eating too much sugar can cause weight gain and contribute to type 2 diabetes in grown-ups and children alike, but it also feeds decay-causing bacteria to multiply and produces toxins that eat away at the enamel and tuck underneath the gum causing periodontitis, a serious disease that weakens the gums and bone securing your teeth in place.

Periodontitis is also believed to be a contributor to cardiovascular diseases. It is speculated that bacteria hiding under the gum or in between crooked teeth can release toxins into the bloodstream and help to form fatty deposits within the arteries, ultimately causing blockages.

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It Isn’t All Doom And Gloom

Proper dental care and healthy habits could very well be the panacea for maladies that could occur later on in life.

Since food, bacteria, and plaque can hide between teeth, brushing and flossing can flush it out. However, if your teeth are crooked, bacteria can be harder to clean out, causing gum disease.

Sure, a cleaning here at Heroes Dental would be a great start, but if you want to nip this particular problem in the bud, it would be best to schedule a consultation for braces. Braces can take up to 18 months to 3 years to complete, but your children will be left with a perfectly healthy smile.

Of course, tooth repairs like crowns can also restore a damaged tooth back to normal, ensuring you can gain all the nutrition you need to fight off the sugarbugs!

Invest in your future with a trip to Heroes Dental.

Investing into cosmetic dentistry and teaching our children proper dental care while they are young is a beneficial process that can aid in the prevention of debilitating diseases later on in life.

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