For the majority of us, summer is the time of the year for having fun and taking those long-awaited family trips. But we know it can be easy to disregard dental hygiene routines, which can come with some serious consequences.

There are also a number of summertime risks that you will want to know about in order to protect you and your little heroes from. Consider the following information on how to keep your teeth healthy and safe while still enjoying the summer!


It’s common knowledge that we need to protect our skin from those excessive sun rays during the summer, but it’s important not to forget about our lips. When you repeatedly expose your lips to the sun’s damaging UV rays without any protection, you increase the risk of oral cancer.

You can easily protect yourself and your loved ones with lip balms that contain SPF.


Dentists say that between 13% and 39% of dental injuries happen while playing sports and nearly 80% of dental injuries involve a patient’s front teeth. This is especially vital information to know as we move into summer and our children become involved in local rec league sports and more.

Whether it’s flag football this summer, or soccer matches at the beach, do your best to protect your pearly whites. Finding protection is easy as you can get your hands on stock mouthguards from your local pharmacy or big box store.

However, if you prefer custom made mouthguards, because they’re more suitable and of higher quality, you can visit the experts at Heroes Dental and we can provide you with the perfect fit custom made mouthguard.


We all know how amazing and refreshing pool time can be during the summer. Especially locally in steaming South Texas.

You might be wondering, “Exactly what is so risky about taking a nice, cool dip in the pool?”. Well, it’s the chlorine in the pool water. Chlorine can actually damage your tooth enamel, that’s why Heroes Dental recommends that you keep the pool water out of your mouth, and always brush your teeth after going for a swim.


While it’s fun to indulge in snacks and sweet, refreshing beverages during the summer, we recommend you do so in moderation. Starchy snacks like chips, cookies, and gummy worms are likely to stick to your teeth and feed the already existing bacteria.

Drinking acidic beverages and carbonated sodas can also cause enamel erosion and decay. Instead, Heroes Dental recommends that you pick healthy snacks as an alternative, such as fresh fruits or vegetables, which are great for those of us on the go.


We know it can be very refreshing and satisfying to crunch on ice, but one wrong bite can cause tooth sensitivity and other serious damages. You also run the risk of damaging your teeth as ice can break, crack, and even chip your smile.

You don’t have to completely avoid ice, but it is recommended that you don’t chew it. Instead, try blending it into your beverages this summer, and turning them into highly refreshing (and safe) slushy drinks.

Heroes Dental is here for any summertime emergency.

It wouldn’t be summer if it didn’t involve fun in the sun, sports, pool time, and refreshing beverages and snacks. But knowing all the risks involved, Heroes Dental wants you to be prepared for any type of accident.

Luckily, Heroes Dental has numerous convenient locations throughout South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley. We recommend you keep our phone number saved in case of emergencies!

And if you’re going on vacation, don’t forget to pack a dental first-aid kit.
Contact us today at Heroes Dental to schedule a checkup or to find out more about our services. Stay safe and have fun this summer while showing off your amazing Heroes Dental smile!

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