Finding out you or your child needs braces doesn’t have to be a scary event—in fact, it should be an exciting time!

Your first orthodontic appointment means you’re on your way to having a bright and beautiful new smile. At Heroes Dental, our orthodontists are passionate about providing you the best treatment plan that suits your needs in a family-friendly and state-of-the-art environment.

When you first walk in the door, you’ll immediately notice that our offices look a little different than your regular dentist’s office. That’s because Heroes Dental is unlike any other orthodontics office. We want to make sure you feel right at home from your first appointment until the moment your braces come off.

No need to stress when you’re with Heroes Dental. Here’s what your first orthodontic appointment will look like.

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Making a Plan

Nobody starts a journey without a plan, so the first place we’ll start is to create one. In order for our team of orthodontists to determine what type of treatment is necessary for you and/or your child, we’ll start by taking a set of regular photographs of the teeth in their present state.

The next step will be to take some x-ray images of the teeth as well. This will help us to get a complete and accurate picture of what’s happening in your mouth by letting us see what’s going on underneath the gums. Taking x-rays is especially important for children because of the growth of bones and teeth.

Depending on the case, we may also take an impression of the teeth with a soft, putty-like material. This will let us make a replica of you or your child’s bite, which will help us to better understand what problems there are and how to best treat them.

On to the Exam

After our Heroes Dental orthodontists get a better understanding of the situation, they’ll move on to the exam portion of the appointment. At this time, our orthodontists will perform a physical examination, look through records and images, and ask you questions about any problems you or your child may be experiencing (i.e problems chewing or swallowing).

By combining the information gathered from x-rays, images, and physical examination, our orthodontists will be able to make a proper diagnosis and finalize the treatment plan.

While it is recommended that children see an orthodontist at the age of seven, most will not need treatment at that time because of changes to their bones. However, periodic check-ups might be recommended to determine if, and when, treatment may be required in the future.

Let’s Talk About It

Choosing whether or not to get braces can be a big choice, so we want to make sure that you have enough information to make a carefully informed decision. If our orthodontists determine treatment would be beneficial, they’ll discuss all treatment options with you and your child. Recommended appliances will be described to you in detail as well as what to expect during treatment, the amount of time the braces will be on, and the frequency of appointments.

Heroes Dental is also here to answer any questions you might have about the process. Some common questions we often hear include:

  • Can braces benefit me or my child?
  • What will be the procedures used to correct problems?
  • What are my options?
  • When should I get treatment? Should I get them now or should I wait?
  • Will there be any tooth extraction?
  • How much does treatment costs?
  • Are there any payment plans available to me?

Because we know that orthodontic treatment can be a bit pricey for families, we’ll also go over financial obligations. A member of our staff will go over financial details with you to help you better understand if your dental insurance covers braces. They’ll also discuss payment plans and work with you to find one that will work within your family’s budget.

Plan to spend anywhere between one to two hours with us the first time. We don’t want to rush through the process and we want to make sure you have enough time to ask any questions that you may have.

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What Happens Next?

If you’re satisfied with the high-quality services Heroes Dental is able to offer, then the next step will be to make an appointment to get the appliances placed on.

Once the appliances have been set in place, our orthodontists and staff will review good oral hygiene tips and will help you understand how to care for the braces.

Follow-up appointments will be made every six to ten weeks to determine progress and to make adjustments to the braces as needed. Our Heroes Dental team will also evaluate your hygiene practice and make recommendations.

Heroes Dental: Making Perfect Smiles in a Single Bound!

Straight teeth are more than just a boost to your confidence; they’re important for your overall health. Our orthodontists at Heroes Dental want to make sure that you feel comfortable and well informed before taking the jump.

If you have any questions about braces and orthodontic treatment, contact us today at any of our offices located in Laredo, Mission, or San Juan. Whether you are looking for traditional braces, clear braces, or invisalign, we will help you develop the perfect orthodontic treatment plan for you.

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