As we all should know, several health issues can stem from the lack of good oral hygiene. These health issues can go far beyond embarrassing bad breath and the dreaded cavity, and can even lead to illnesses and diseases. 

The production of plaque on your teeth can lead to most of these health concerns, such as gingivitis. 

If the words “plaque” and “gingivitis” are causing you a sense of panic because you’re not sure of their definition or relation, do not worry because your McAllen pediatrics dentists at Heroes Dental would like to inform you on these matters and how one leads to the other. 

What Is Plaque? 

Have you ever run your tongue across your teeth and felt a “fuzzy” texture? Well, that’s plaque. 

Plaque forms on your teeth when the natural bacteria in your mouth combines with the sugar and starch from the foods you consume. The combinations of the foods and bacteria create acids that pressure carbohydrates to break down. With all these properties combined, the tenacious, clear film known as plaque is formed. 

This sticky bacteria is consistently forming on your teeth and produces acid that destroys the enamel on your teeth, causing damage to your teeth, gums, gum line, and overall health. 

If plaque goes untreated, it can congregate under the gum where the root of your teeth resides and decompose the bones needed to support teeth. Also, if plaque isn’t treated, it causes it to harden and turn into tartar, which is significantly harder to remove than plaque. 

Why Does Plaque Cause Gingivitis?

First of all, what is gingivitis? Gingivitis is a type of gum disease that occurs when there is excessive plaque build-up on your teeth. If the plaque is not removed, it can cause gum tissue to swell, turn red, and cause pain or discomfort. 

As previously mentioned, plaque and bacteria cause an acidic environment in your mouth that is toxic to your gums and the part of your gums that surround the base of your teeth, called gingiva. The toxins contribute to swelling, irritation, and bleeding of the gums. The number one cause of bleeding gums in adults is gingivitis. 

It is crucial to treat gingivitis quickly as it can lead to a more serious disease and tooth loss. If you are experiencing any symptoms of gingivitis, you have increased chances of damage reversal if the dentist catches it early on. 

Our McAllen Pediatrics Dentists Want to Keep You Informed and Healthy

Here at Heroes Dental, we care about your overall health and want you to be knowledgeable on the risks of poor dental hygiene. We feel it is important for our beloved patients to know the consequences of plaque build-up and how it can cause gum disease such as gingivitis. 

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