Is your smile looking a bit toothier than it used to? Is your gum line starting to shrink further and further back? It might be time to do something about your receding gums.

Receding gums aren’t just an aesthetic issue. If left untreated, receding gums can lead to serious dental health issues, including loose teeth. 

If you have receded gums, keep reading to learn about the top causes of receding gums and what you can do to restore your smile from your family dentist in Laredo.

Why Are My Gums Receding?

There are many different reasons why your gums may be receding. A few of the most common causes of receding gums include:

  • • Poor oral hygiene
  • • Smoking
  • • Teeth grinding
  • • Certain medical conditions
  • • Lip or tongue-piercing
  • • Overly aggressive brushing
  • • Plaque build-up
  • • Pregnancy
  • • Menopause

If you’re not sure which of the causes listed above is to blame for your receding gums, you can talk to a dentist in Laredo to learn what might be the root of your problem. 

What Can I Do To Stop Receding Gums?

As you can see from the list above, some of the causes of receding gums are avoidable with the right lifestyle changes. One of the best things for you to do is ensure that you’re maintaining excellent oral hygiene. Failing to keep your teeth clean can cause a build-up of bacteria and plaque, which can cause the gums to recede. To avoid this, make sure to keep up with your regular brushing and flossing.

If you’re already doing all you can to keep your teeth clean, consider if there may be other changes to your life that could help restore your gums. Of course, it’s possible that you may be brushing too hard. If that’s not the case, cutting back on smoking and avoiding future tongue and lip piercings may help your gums return to full health. 

If your receding gums aren’t being caused by something you can easily avoid or change, you may need to get dental care to restore your gums. This can include things like getting braces or a mouthguard or undergoing gum line surgery.

Get Treatment for Receded Gums at Heroes Dental in Laredo

Receded gums can be a real confidence killer, and they may also be a sign that you need to make changes to your dental habits. If your gums have started to recede, take time to consider what may be the cause and do your best to address it.

If the cause of your receding gums isn’t something you can stop or change, come see a Laredo dentist at Heroes Dental to learn what you can do to restore your gums. We can give you advice about care, prescribe antibiotics, and conduct any procedures needed to bring your smile back to how you like it.

If you have receded gums, come get treatment from your Laredo dentists at Heroes Dental!

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