According to the American Dental Association and other associates, teeth cleanings are recommended to be scheduled every six months in order to maintain the optimal teeth and gum health. Many people question why it is necessary to get regular teeth cleanings and try to avoid seeing their dentists altogether because they feel like they do a sufficient job cleaning their own teeth, which can actually harm your oral health in the long run. While most of us have thought that way at one point or another, in celebration of National Dental Hygiene Month, we at Heroes Dental have decided to share the 3 most important reasons you should get regular teeth cleanings and why it is important to refresh that do-it-yourself mindset!

 1. Staying up-to-date with your overall health

  • ◘ Many research publications have shown a strong correlation between heart attacks, strokes, and other systemic health issues to gum disease; which can easily be prevented by regular teeth cleanings.
  • ◘ Gum disease is simply caused by a build-up of both plaque and tartar since they both build up in a relatively short amount of time and if not treated, can irritate the gums along with the development of other painful symptoms.
  • ◘  On the day of your cleaning, your dentist will be able to detect early signs of health risks such as cancers and other grave health problems by simple examination upon arrival. Many dentists will evaluate the health and function of your gums and teeth, check the way your face looks to see if there are any abnormalities in your bite or lower jaw joints, and also check your mouth in its entirety to see if there are any vitamin and/or nutrient deficiencies you should be aware of.

2. Preventing cavities during indulgent holiday seasons

Holidays bring forth family fun, wholesome interactions with loved ones, as well as a whole lot of food and indulgent goodies. During the holidays, it can be easy to get distracted from keeping your teeth safe with all of the sweet pastries, sodas, coffees, wines, and even other types of tooth-harming beverages, which is why making sure teeth cleanings are a part of your to-do holiday list is that much more important.

The possibility of forming a cavity is something that we as humans will never outgrow; no matter how young or old we might be.

  • ◘ In adults, especially, receding gums, weak fillings, basic wear-and-tear of teeth and other tooth issues are catalysts to cavities.
  • ◘ Talking to your dentist about a game plan to prevent harming your teeth and also preventing cavities while also indulging in the foods and drinks you love is another benefit when attending your teeth cleaning.
  • ◘ Your dentist will be able to work with you to see what foods are causing more tooth-harming effects than others which makes the holidays that much more enjoyable when you know what to avoid in what capacity.

3. Leaving DIYs for the internet 

As previously mentioned in our introduction, we understand how life tends to interfere when trying to set up dental appointments and so on, which is the reason why many people feel like teeth cleanings are something they can do on their own. While many do-it-yourself projects are safe and convenient, teeth cleaning definitely does not fall into that category.

  • ◘ It is important to note that even the most cautious people still need to get their teeth regularly cleaned because although your teeth might look and feel clean, plaque can build up in the crevices of your mouth and will eventually turn into tough tartar, which requires professional removal.
  • ◘ If tartar is left in the mouth, it can cause tooth decay, gum disease, the formation of cavities, and other painful issues that could have been prevented during teeth cleaning.

Our mouths do so much to keep us healthy, so let us make sure that they are given the best treatment possible!

If your six-month teeth cleaning mark is coming up, contact your favorite Edinburg dentists at Heroes Dental today to schedule your upcoming cleaning today! 


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