August is here and summer vacation is almost over…and you know what that means. 

It’s time to get ready for back to school! During this time of the year, you and your kids will be going around stores to search for all the necessary school supplies for a successful school year. Of course, that means new clothes, new shoes, notebooks, pencils, not to mention, doctor’s appointments and physical checkups.

Oh, and one last and very important thing to remember during this back-to-school rush: your children’s summertime dental cleaning!

If this may be all too much to remember, your McAllen pediatric dentist at Heroes Dental is here to guide you with some helpful tips to get you organized and get your children on track for a successful new school year!


1. Schedule an appointment with your McAllen pediatric dentist ASAP! 

If you think it’s too late to schedule an appointment, think again! There’s still time left to make sure your child gets their dental cleaning before the school year gets super hectic. If we notice any additional work needed on their teeth, such as cavity fillings or braces, we will be sure to set up any appointments necessary.

We also recommend you check the school’s website for any immunization needs or speak with your school’s faculty about your child’s participation in sports. In addition, they may be required to get a physical done with their physician, and your McAllen pediatric dentist may be able to help make sure your child implements a custom mouth guard to protect their teeth.

2. Ease your kids back to their normal school routines.

During the summertime, your kids may have changed their sleep schedules to include plenty of late-night movies, slumber parties, and video games. While it may have been an easygoing summer, it’s time to get back to studying, focusing, and learning. 

Research shows that getting enough sleep plays a crucial role in your child’s physical, emotional, and cognitive health. By getting them used to their new school routines, children will stay alert during class, perform better in physical activities, and look and feel healthy (which also includes their teeth, of course)!

3. Start the school year with healthy meal prepping routines.

Meal prepping can be the best way to ensure that your children also get used to having fresh and healthy meals available to them for school, after-school activities, or while they do their homework. Also, resorting to more vegetables, fruits, proteins, and less sugary sweets or acidic foods will ensure your children’s teeth remain healthy and strong throughout the new school year.

Here at Heroes Dental, we made sure to also create a DOWNLOADABLE BACK-TO-SCHOOL CHECKLIST for you with tips for you to keep your children’s dental hygiene in check! Simply click on the link to download now.

4. Shop early and look for deals to avoid the back-to-school rush.

Back-to-school items are found at more affordable prices if you buy them earlier or look up deals online. Keep a lookout for online coupons by signing up for deal alerts, search for stocked items online, and invest in quality on-sale products that may last longer throughout the school year, such as backpacks and shoes! 

Don’t forget to buy your child a new toothbrush and floss! The American Dental Association recommends replacing your toothbrush every 3 to 4 months to make sure you are cleaning your teeth the most efficiently. Be sure to ask your local McAllen pediatric dentist about the best affordable brands they recommend.

5. Lastly, set positive goals for the new year!

The new school year is an exciting time for your child to adjust to their new school routines, new teachers, new and challenging classes, and to create new goals! Ask your child what they wish to focus on and achieve this new school year.

Perhaps they wish to improve on a particular subject, reach the honor roll, make the basketball team, or challenge themselves with a new after-school club or extracurricular activity. Whatever new goal they set their mind to, keep supporting your kids to do the best they can.

Heroes Dental: Wishing you and your child a successful new school year!

At Heroes Dental, we care about all our patients and wish them the best new school year! So make sure to follow these tips and use our DOWNLOADABLE BACK-TO-SCHOOL CHECKLIST to step into the school year with happy smiles and healthy teeth!


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