Everybody likes a little candy now and again—even us adults—and Halloween is a big time for chowing down on some sweets! Unfortunately, all that sugar can be seriously bad for you!

This Halloween, your dentist in McAllen, TX, wants to share a few great alternatives to help protect your teeth—without missing out.

The Best Candy for Your Teeth

1. Chocolate

If you’re looking for the best candy for your teeth, stick with chocolate. One big problem with candy is that it gets stuck in your teeth, causing cavities. This isn’t an issue with chocolate which easily washes off your teeth. You can also cut the sugar content by going with darker chocolate. Dark chocolate may even have enamel-boosting properties!

2. Sugar-Free Candy

This one is a bit of a no-brainer. A big part of what makes candy so bad for your teeth is its high sugar content, so leaving that sugar out is going to go a long way toward protecting your teeth! Believe it or not, some sugar-free candy can actually be good for your teeth because it stimulates saliva production. Still, sugar-free candy can be bad for you in other ways, so always remember to eat in moderation.

3. Nutty Candy

In last place, nut-based candy is another good option for oral-health-conscious snackers. First of all, most nutty candy is made with chocolate, so that’s a bit of a freebie. Even in non-chocolate nutty treats, the nuts work to break up the stickiness of the candy, helping to prevent buildup on your teeth. Nuts are also full of protein and fiber, which are both great for your health.

The Worst Candy for Your Teeth

1. Sour Candy

Sour candy packs a double whammy when it comes to hurting your teeth. This candy is absolutely coated in sugar, contributing to cavities and plaque buildup. Sour candy is also incredibly acidic, breaking down your enamel and increasing the likelihood of decay.

2. Hard Candy

The longer you keep a piece of candy in your mouth, the longer it has to damage your teeth. Eating hard candy usually involves sucking on the candy for some time. During that time, your teeth are constantly coated in sugar, wearing down the enamel. If you do decide to chew on a hard candy, that can hurt your teeth as well.

3. Sticky Candy

The absolute worst candy for your teeth, sticky candy can really do some damage. Sticky candy, as you might expect, can get stuck in your teeth, potentially lingering for hours, eating away at your teeth. Unfortunately, other sticky foods like dried fruit can have a similar effect.

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