For many children across the Rio Grande Valley, summer vacation has begun, and many are excited for the summertime adventures to be had. Whether it’s time for a family trip to the beach or time to round up the children for summer camp, there is one really important thing they must do before they embark on their journey.

Scheduling a summertime appointment with a McAllen pediatric dentist like the ones at Heroes Dental not only ensures that you and your children receive the best in dental care, but it allows us to accommodate to your schedule, leaving you worry-free.

1. Summer Breaks Easily Fit a Dentist Appointment Into Your Hectic Schedule

Over time, oral health can change drastically. During a school year, it can be hard for us parents to juggle school, extracurricular activities, and proper dental care all at once, but luckily, dentist offices can cater to your demanding schedule in a fast, smooth, and efficient manner.

Dentists recommend that children and adults schedule a checkup and cleaning twice a year to prevent:

  • – Plaque
  • – Tartar Buildup
  • – Gum Diseases
  • – Cavities

While it is a great idea to schedule a dentist appointment with our pediatric dentists at Heroes Dental every 6 months, timing is everything.

An appointment scheduled conveniently during your children’s summer and winter break gives them ample amounts of time to get the proper teeth cleaning and oral treatment they need to keep that smile healthy.

2. Plenty of Time to Start Intricate Procedures

Ask any orthodontist when the best time to get braces for children is, and they will almost always say during the summer. Time consuming procedures and procedures that require multiple trips to the dentist’s office are all best left to when your child has ample amounts of time.

Some of these procedures include:

  • – Installing Braces
  • – Measuring and Creating Aligners
  • – Performing Root Canals
  • – Installing Caps

As an added bonus, the summer break provides a lot of time for your children to adjust to major oral changes like braces, making that first day of school next year less awkward for them.

3. Plenty of Time to Recover

Intricate procedures like a root canal or tooth extraction may take some time for your children to recover from. Luckily for our little schoolgoers, a summer break gives them plenty of time to rest and recover from procedures that may leave them a little groggy or slightly in pain.

Keep in mind that many of these costly procedures can be avoided, however, by frequent dentist visits,practicing proper dental technique, and a healthy diet.

4. More Time to Improve Dental Health

While the summer break may entice children to binge on junk food, sodas, and television, it can also—with a little supervision at first—help them improve their overall dental health.

First, children should avoid eating junk food, especially if they are high in sugar. Junk food can promote the growth of plaque, which eventually can wear down your teeth’s enamel and cause cavities. Opt in for water, veggies, and cheese instead.

The summer break can also help them perfect other dental techniques without the rush of getting them to school. Does your child forget to floss? A summer break’s worth of practice can help him or her make flossing a habit.


Summer is here, and so is your chance to start perfecting that smile!


At Heroes Dental, we are all about comfort and convenience. Getting your children the dental care they need during their summer break is crucial to helping them develop better dental habits and fight off the bacteria that cause cavities and gingivitis.

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