During the holiday season, many of us find ourselves with plenty of free time. Those who are proactive take the time not only to relax but also to get some things done that we’ve been putting off.

One of those things we here at Heroes Dental often see put off longer than it should be is cosmetic dentistry procedures. For many reasons, visiting the dentist to correct simple issues is often something that gets placed on the backburner for many people.

A quick look at some of these reasons can help us to ensure it isn’t so easily forgotten. Our Rio Grande Valley cosmetic dentists at Heroes Dental often hear families say:

“I don’t know how we can afford it.”

As almost everyone would agree, cost is often the first thing considered when deciding on whether something gets done or not. While it is an understandable hurdle, Heroes Dental does everything it can to find a way to fit a needed cosmetic procedure into your budget.

Whether you have CHIP, Medicaid, or insurance through your job or other means, we work with every family to make the dental work you need affordable. There are also programs, like the Cosmetic Dentistry Grant program, that provide alternative opportunities to offset the cost of cosmetic dentistry for you and your family. Their website provides plenty of information on how to apply and qualify and what to express during the process.

“There’s never any time.”

This reason intersects in some ways with the first. Depending on your job, missing time from work can literally mean missing out on part of your income.

Some employers may also frown upon taking time off for personal things like dental work. Your responsibilities at work can increase and decrease unexpectedly at work as well, in response to staff turnover or company status. You likely also have to take the time that you do have off to deal with family-related issues.

All this leads to the fact that any cosmetic dental work you or someone in your family needs, has to be something that is a priority that is planned for and worked into your calendar.

“I don’t want to have dental work on our family’s vacation time.”

Like renewing your driver’s license, writing essays, and changing the oil in your car, there are just things that have to get done. With dental work, especially more involved work like cosmetic dentistry, the need will never go away.

In fact, the longer you put off getting it done, the more likely it becomes that new issues will arise and more damage will be done. Spending one day of your vacation time is much more desirable than having an unplanned emergency at any time of the year.

“It will take more than one visit.”

This is an unavoidable fact of having your dental work done correctly. Between consultations, procedures, and follow-ups, it will be necessary for you to make more than one trip to your dentist.

Heroes Dental works to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your experience with our staff. That goes not only for fitting your dental work into your budget but your schedule as well. While there can be no guarantee as to how your cosmetic work will go exactly, we strive to make sure that your life is not put on hold in the pursuit of good oral health.

The holiday season is the perfect time to get cosmetic dentistry done. Heroes Dental is here to meet your family needs.

Our cosmetic dentists in the Rio Grande Valley and Laredo are excited to help you figure out how to get the cosmetic dentistry your family needs done. Contact us today and we’ll get started sorting out your road to the perfect smile.

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