Did you know that tooth enamel is one of the hardest substances in the human body? It’s true!

Tooth enamel also happens to play an important role in our smile, which is why it is of utmost importance to properly care for it.

Tooth enamel is the outermost layer on the surface of our teeth and is essentially what we see when someone smiles. Its hard shell helps to protect our pearly whites every time we eat or drink something; whether it’s something soft and sweet like a sugary donut, or something of extremely low or high temperature, like hot chocolate or ice cream.

Enamel contributes to the protection of teeth through insulation as well. The nerves within our teeth are sensitive to extreme temperatures and so maintaining tooth enamel keeps our teeth from feeling discomfort.

Heroes Dental wants to know. Are you taking proper care of your tooth enamel?

If you have been experiencing discomfort or pain in your mouth after eating certain types of foods, it may be as a result of weakening tooth enamel.

What foods contribute to tooth enamel loss?

There are various foods that cause enamel loss, but of course, it’s usually our favorite treats that do the most damage. Soda, for one, is extremely high in sugar, and when its sugars combine with the natural bacteria that forms inside of our mouths, it becomes very easy for enamel to decay.

Aside from being high in sugar, soda also contains a lot of acid, which also plays a role in enamel erosion. In fact, the acid in soda is so strong that it may even damage our dentin – the layer under the enamel.

Sports drinks are another source of teeth damaging sugars. While Sprite and Gatorade may be something you don’t want to necessarily give up, you will still want to be careful and not consume too much.

Ice is another culprit of tooth enamel loss. Believe it or not, ice is for chilling and not chewing. It’s hard not to be guilty of this one. Sometimes you just can’t help but chew that crunchy and refreshing ice at the bottom of the glass.

You may be wondering what’s the issue with ice, considering that it’s just frozen water. The truth is that chewing on hard substances will definitely (and negatively) affect tooth enamel and may even cause dental emergencies. It’s important to not put our teeth at risk by chewing hard foods, because a chipped or broken tooth will make it hard for enamel to protect our chompers.

Is tooth enamel loss is painful?

Yes! Nobody wants to feel discomfort when they eat. Especially since many of us will generally eat three times a day. Imagine feeling extreme sensitivity every time you take a bite of your hot slice of pizza or a sip from that delicious iced coffee on a scorching summer day.

Dental discomfort is never fun, which is why it very important to care for your enamel. Keep in mind that any cracks or chips on your teeth make it easier for bacteria, sugars, and acid to reach the nerves within your teeth.

Also, any damage to our tooth enamel can cause cavities, which is another problem in itself.

How is enamel loss treated?

It may not be easy for us to notice enamel loss right away, unless of course, we begin feeling discomfort and pain. However, tooth enamel loss is definitely something your dentist can detect.

For this reason, it is highly recommended to have routine visits with your general dentist. This way, you know if you’ve been protecting your tooth enamel perfectly, or if your enamel loss is more advanced and needs immediate attention.

When enamel erosion is highly advanced, your general dentist will always have the best recommendations on the right treatment(s) for you.

Heroes Dental is here to help you begin taking care of your tooth enamel today.

Ask yourself how much soda you consume, or how much candy, sugar, ice, and even coffee you intake daily. If your answer is, “Way too much!”, then your first step will be limiting yourself.

We know it may not be easy to cut some of your favorite foods from your life, but with our support and care, we can help you to make better decisions and choices to ensure you maintain a bright and healthy smile.

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