In this day and age, some of us have access to excellent phone cameras that provide high-quality pictures whenever we please. These photos are great at capturing meaningful memories of you and your family, but they’re so detailed you might begin to overanalyze them, including your smile.   

As time passes, you might notice that your once glimmering white teeth now look matted and not so white. Sometimes, it might just be the foods and drinks you are consuming that cause tooth discoloration or plaque buildup. This can cause you to feel embarrassed and lower your confidence, but, fortunately, the McAllen pediatric dentists at Heroes Dental can help restore the shimmer in your smile. 

There are many factors that contribute to tooth discoloration and sometimes the consequence can be more severe than appearance, like plaque buildup, which can cause gum disease.

Teeth whitening can be a great tool when you want to improve your smile. 

How Can Teeth Whitening Improve Your Once Dazzling Smile?

In essence, teeth whitening consists of different methods used to restore or enhance the color of your teeth. The procedure depends on the shade your teeth are and the shade you want them to be. The depth of your stains and why you have them will also play a factor in the type of teeth whitening you receive.

The following are three general methods used to whiten teeth and keep them looking pearly white:

    • • The use of various modern tools to reach the shade desired
    • • Getting through the enamel with a high concentrate bleaching agent
    • • Schedule teeth whitenings and cleanings regularly with your McAllen family dentists

Teeth whitening can be prolonged if you and your family practice good oral hygiene and maintain it by not missing a teeth cleaning appointment. 

What Can Cause Your Beaming Smile To Lose Its Glow?

One of the main reasons for tooth discoloration is the foods and drinks we consume. The candy and sodas your children consume can also negatively affect their pearly whites. Even, your daily cup of morning coffee can be a key culprit of discoloration, along with tea and wine. 

Teeth whitening is a non-invasive dental procedure and there are many ways it can benefit you. A few reasons you should schedule a teeth whitening appointment include: 

    • • Teeth cleaning and whitening can prevent gum disease if the reason for your tooth discoloration is due to plaque buildup. 
    • • Getting your teeth whitened can improve your self-image and make you feel radiant at social events. 
    • • Kids won’t get teased for having discolored teeth due to the sugar or starch-fueled foods they’re consuming. 
    • • Teeth whitening can increase your confidence for important meetings or job interviews. 
    • • Discoloration due to aging can be restored by getting your teeth whitened. 
    • • Discoloration of teeth due to smoking can also be restored with regular whitenings. 

McAllen Pediatric Dentists at Heroes Dental Want You To Feel Confident in Your Smile

At Heroes Dental, we would hate for you or your families to feel obligated to hide your smiles from embarrassment. Our McAllen dentists are here to provide the quality dental health services you need and deserve for a gorgeous smile.

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