At Heroes Dental, we help take care of your children’s teeth and keep them up to date with their dental care. Part of that involves helping your kiddos get the best treatments and procedures necessary to keep their smiles healthy and bright.

Braces are one of the procedures that we offer with our orthodontists in Mission available to help straighten teeth and keep them in tip-top shape for years to come.

Although your kids are receiving the utmost attention and care for their dental health, we think that you, as parents, should consider getting braces, too! We wish to share 5 important reasons you may need braces as an adult.

5 Main Reasons To Try Braces as an Adult!

1.Options To Consider

Nowadays, there are many more options to consider when wearing braces. Although traditional metal braces are still worn, the options have expanded. Our orthodontists in Mission have the option of giving you clear braces, metal braces, or Invisalign!
Clear braces are usually created from composite materials that vary in transparency levels. They are hardly noticeable and offer an effective, yet, discrete solution. Invisalign are aligners made from a thermoplastic material that is completely removable.
Read our previous blog post to learn all you need to know about Invisalign.

2.Multiple Benefits

Your mouth and jaw change as you age. One of these changes is the loss of bone density around your jawbone. This may cause your teeth to become crowded, and create pain and discomfort that you did not experience before.
Overlapped teeth may become difficult to keep clean and are more at risk of dental decay and cavities. By giving braces a chance in your adulthood, you will improve your overall oral health!

3.Treat Existing Issues

Braces can help treat various dental issues, such as overcrowding of teeth and dental decay. If you did not have a chance to treat your bite as a child, consider braces as a solution in your adulthood! Bites, also known as malocclusions, are caused by a small mouth, tongue thrusting, too many teeth, muscular deficiencies, or bone structure issues. Braces are great for helping treat and resolve painful bites.


Braces are great to help improve your confidence! Consider braces to help with any appearance issues. Braces can help with gaps in your teeth, straighten crooked teeth, and create symmetry with your smile.

5.They Won’t Last Forever

Adults typically wear braces from 18 to 26 months on average, depending on the issues you are looking to treat. This means you will dedicate a little over two years wearing braces for a brand new smile!

Payment plans may be an option to discuss with our orthodontists in Mission. Invisalign is also covered by many dental insurance policies too! via #Orthodontists #HeroesDental Share on X

Try Invisalign Braces at Heroes Dental!

Having a good, straight, shiny set of teeth via braces is essential to give you the confidence you need to keep on smiling and living your life with more gusto! At Heroes Dental, we proudly offer Invisalign braces as an option to help you receive the smile of your dreams at your convenience. Reach out to your orthodontists in Mission to learn more about our services.

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