Kick off the summer with fun in the sun and refreshing kid-approved and teeth-friendly treats! 

June is National Oral Health Month, which is perfect timing to bring awareness to good oral hygiene while the kids are out of school and ready to munch on anything in sight! 

Your McAllen pediatric dentist would like to invite you and your families to participate in National Oral Health Month by following our suggested oral hygiene routine for your little heroes and celebrating in fun ways!

Why Is Oral Hygiene Important for Kids To Learn? 

Our mouths are full of all kinds of bacteria. The bacteria that remains from the residue of foods we consume not only causes damage to our teeth, but our entire well-being if we’re not brushing correctly.

It is frightening to consider that oral health issues are the least acknowledged medical issues, especially since many ailments initiate in the mouth. Your children need to know how important it is to keep up with their oral health. 

As previously mentioned, summertime for kids can be a time to indulge in treats that usually contain excessive sugar. We suggest you take the following steps to keep your kids’ mouths squeaky clean and smiling: 

  • Ensure your kids are brushing their teeth correctly twice a day for two minutes each time 
  • Floss
  • Substitute overly sugary snacks for naturally sweetened fruits or foods with less sugar
  • Avoid acidic drinks/foods that can eat away at the enamel on their teeth 
  • Schedule regular cleanings with your McAllen pediatric dentists to remove harmful sugar bugs

Get Your Kids in the Oral Hygiene Spirit

We know that oral hygiene isn’t a priority for most children, but it is essential, and there are ways to help get them more involved in learning about the importance of having a clean mouth. 

Here are a few activities that you can do with your children to help them become aware of how vital our mouths are to our health while having a little bit of summer fun:

1. The American Dental Association is kind enough to provide downloadable activity sheets to engage your children in oral health-oriented fun!

2. If you can, go to your local store and allow your children to pick their toothbrushes (within your budget). This little sense of independence can motivate them to utilize their new, excellent toothbrush. 

3. Make their oral hygiene routine a party! Get together and make a playlist to listen to while you brush, floss, mouthwash, and dance! Cleaning your mouths does not have to be a tedious task. 

4. Heroes Dental has also provided fun arts and crafts to help your children understand the importance of oral hygiene! Check out the blog section of our website for activities and an abundance of important information. 

5. Lastly, another way to celebrate Oral Hygiene Month is to go to Heroes Dental and let the staff know they are appreciated. Gift them with some handmade thank you cards. 

McAllen Pediatric Dentists Would Like To Invite the Families in Our Community To Celebrate Oral Hygiene Month 

Oral Hygiene Month reminds us how crucial having a healthy mouth is to our bodies. Celebrate this June by teaching your kids how important brushing and flossing are and making an appointment with your McAllen pediatric dentists for a cleaning to start the summer off right! 

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