Kids love all the treats they get during Halloween, but their teeth certainly don’t. Candies contribute to tooth decay and may lead to fillings in the future. 

You don’t need to cut out candy to keep your kid’s teeth healthy. Making smarter choices can ensure your child gets to enjoy their candy without worrying about future tooth decay. 

Our McAllen dentists at Heroes Dental are here to teach you what you need to know to keep your child’s smile bright.

Mind the Types of Treats Your Kids Eat

Not all candy is equal in how much it can damage your kid’s teeth. Acidic candies and anything that keeps sugar on the teeth for longer can cause more damage. Anything sticky or chewy can also get stuck between teeth and won’t be washed away as easily. 

Treats like caramels, taffy, and gummy candy all keep sugar and the associated acids on your child’s teeth for prolonged periods. Brushing may not be enough either since it can get stuck between teeth. 

Try to encourage your kids to pick sugar-free gum, sugar-free treats, or candies like chocolate that dissolve quickly. Making smart choices can avoid a painful cavity later on. 

If you need recommendations on sugar-free candies, be sure to ask your McAllen dentist for some tooth-safe ideas.

Ration Out Candy

One of the worst things for teeth is prolonged exposure to sugar. If your kid is eating candy all day, that sugar and acid stays on their teeth and causes damage. 

The best way to offer your child their Halloween candy is to have a set time your kids can have it. You can give a piece of candy as their dessert or offer it as a snack in the middle of the day. Keep it to once a day and only give out a few pieces at a time.

Having a set time they know they can have a piece of candy can help kids be patient. Otherwise, kids have a bad habit of focusing on candy and begging for it all day long. 

Make Dental Health a Priority

Keeping your child’s teeth healthy through Halloween requires a bit more work. First, make sure you start the season with a cleaning for your child from your McAllen dentist. Be sure you keep up with regular appointments as well. 

Avoiding sugary drinks will also help make sure your child has healthy teeth. Water can help wash away any sugar hanging out and causing damage to your kid’s teeth. Healthy treats that increase saliva production are also a good idea.

After that, it is all about keeping your child’s teeth clean. The easiest way to help prevent damage is simple: make sure every candy is followed with brushing and flossing. Even if your kid picks treats that aren’t exactly tooth-friendly, this can help prevent cavities and other problems at your next dental visit.

Keep Their Smile Healthy with Heroes Dental

A checkup every six months can help make sure your kid enjoys a healthy smile for life. Heroes Dental can make sure your kid is ready for Halloween and their teeth are nice and clean after all those treats. 

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