The sun is beginning to set on Summer 2017. But don’t worry, there is still time left to visit your favorite dentists at Little Heroes and Heroes Dental.

We understand that life gets busy sometimes. But with the kids still out for summer vacation, now is the perfect time to get them on over to one of our offices in Laredo or the Rio Grande Valley. Our pediatric dentists work hard to shape confident, beautiful smiles to begin the new school year.

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Why Summer Is The Perfect Time To Visit Your Dentist

It’s simple. Summertime is the best time for your children to visit their pediatric dentist because of the ample amount of time they have off.

It’s Convenient

Think about the last time you took your child to the dentist during the school year. Remember how difficult it was to schedule? It always seems there are huge repercussions for just one day off. And if you have multiple children it can be even harder.

The summertime offers you a clear schedule without fear of them missing any valuable school time.

And that’s what a trip to the dentist office should be: convenient. It will also setup your 6-month check up conveniently around the holidays when your children are off again.

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It Brings Peace of Mind

There is just no better feeling in the world than peace of mind.

Getting a checkup every 6 months is recommended for preventing oral disease. Knowing that your children’s teeth are in perfect working order is worth its weight in gold.

After their check up, you and your children are free to relax and enjoy what’s left of summer.

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What Kind of Services And Treatments Are Recommended During the Summer?

With the amount of time that summer vacation provides, our children can get in some extensive dental work with plenty of time to heal.

Our Little Heroes and Heroes Dental team are able to provide you a number of services including:

Traditional Braces

Installing traditional braces can take up to 2 hours, so having an open afternoon would be essential for our orthodontist. Summer vacation also allows your child to become accustomed to the braces before school starts back up.


Invisalign aligners – as their names sounds – are nearly invisible, 100% removable plastic moldings of your teeth that apply gentle pressure to problem teeth. A benefit of aligners is that they can be removed when you eat and brush your teeth. But they must be worn at least 22 hours a day to be effective.

Every two weeks, a new set is created and sent to your child. At the 6 months checkup, your orthodontist can examine the alignment process. If you begin in the summer, your child will be a pro with their aligner by the time school comes around again.

Teeth Cleaning

Usually accompanied with an oral examination beforehand, teeth cleanings are needed to remove plaque and tartar build up that encourages the growth of oral diseases like gingivitis and periodontitis.

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Dental X-Rays

Sometimes improper dental care can cause plaque and tartar to infect the gum line. This can lead to diseases like periodontitis. Dental x-rays are great for spotting any damage to the bone surrounding the root of your child’s teeth.

Crowns and Bridges

Crowns (also known as caps) and bridges serve to cover any damaged or discolored teeth, strengthening the functionality of them and improving their appearance. Crowns and bridges can be created from porcelain or ceramic to match the natural color of your teeth.

Speaking about ceramics, that reminds us…

Introducing: Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics!

Or CEREC for short.

Did your child chip his tooth during soccer practice? Does he or she suffer from a cavity?

With CEREC, dentist can scan the inside of your child’s mouth, find the problematic tooth—or teeth— and create a ceramic tooth reconstruction that meets the needs of the patient.

When that portion of the procedure is complete, the finished construction is sent to a milling machine where the physical ceramic restoration is made. This part of the process takes anywhere between 6 to 15 minutes depending on the problem of the tooth or teeth.

The dentist then takes the restoration and paints, polishes, and glazes it before cementing it to the tooth.

All within the same day.

That’s what makes this process so revolutionary! It used to take weeks but now you can get it done in the same day.

CEREC is a great tool to squeeze in before the summer ends.

Don’t let this summer pass you by. There is still time to get your children’s oral health taken care of.

Call Little Heroes or Heroes Dental at any of our locations throughout the Rio Grande Valley today and schedule a consultation with our dentists!

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