It can be easy to ignore your gums. After all, tooth decay gets far more attention. While this is important, you can’t have a healthy mouth without a solid foundation. 

National gum care month is all about keeping your gums healthy. A bit of prevention can keep your gums and teeth healthy in the long run. Learn all about gum disease and how to care for your gums this month.

The Importance of Gum Care

Neglecting your gum care can have some serious effects on your health. Your gums protect the roots of your teeth. Your gums also help stabilize the teeth in your mouth. Gum disease can cause your gums to recede. The bacteria can also accelerate tooth decay. The same bacteria that cause it can migrate into your bloodstream. This causes other health conditions. These can be serious like heart disease, strokes, and diabetes. 

The Signs of Gum Disease

Gum disease can be easy to miss. One of the first signs is bleeding gums. Even brushing your teeth can cause bleeding. However, this can also be caused by other factors like not brushing or flossing enough. You may have gum disease if a week of regular brushing and flossing doesn’t fix the problem. 

Receding gums, loose teeth, and gaps between the gum and tooth are other common signs. The bacteria can cause bad breath or a bad taste in your mouth. You may also notice red, swollen, or puffy gums. If your case is more serious, you may notice signs of infection like pus or pain. All of these need immediate care from a McAllen, TX dentist.

How to Care for Your Gums

The most important steps are simple: brush and floss every day. You shouldn’t be rough when you floss either. All you need to do is gently scrape the sides of your teeth. You don’t need to saw at your gums. The goal is to get any food particles your toothbrush missed. Food particles help bacteria grow, and that will harm your gums. You should also brush twice a day. Be gentle, too much pressure can damage your gums or scrape off your enamel too. 

Go to Your Dentist Twice a Year

Regular dental visits are essential for the health of your smile. Your dentist can spot early signs of gum disease. Gum disease can be reversed in the early stages. Even moderate or severe gum disease has treatment options. This can help protect your teeth for as long as possible. It can also reduce pain while eating or help with bite issues. 

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