Although seen as inconvenient or even embarrassing to some, the use of dentures is extremely widespread and can be beneficial for those in need at any age. Whether you have lost teeth as the result of an accident, age, or oral hygiene, dentures can help to alleviate a lot of problems that can ultimately hurt your overall health. 

Fortunately, the good folks at Heroes Dental can support you with your dental hygiene needs including providing dentures.     

The Basics About Dentures

Dentures function to replace missing teeth and support the needs of users. Similarly to eyeglasses or shoe insoles, dentures are intended to make the wearer’s life easier.

Oftentimes, people believe that dentures are only needed by those who have lost teeth due to age, but there are actually many instances in which dentures may be necessary, such as: 

  • – An injury or incident which damages one or multiple teeth (i.e. a physical altercation, falling down the stairs, sports accident, etc.)
  • – Tooth loss related to cavities or poor oral hygiene
  • – Genetics 
  • – Excessive drug use resulting in tooth decay
  • – Tooth loosening related to mouth cancer 
  • – Other diseases obtained orally or affecting the region

As can be deduced, tooth loss is an ailment that does not discriminate. It can occur to anybody at any moment, through both their action and inaction. For this reason, it is important for people of all ages to equip themselves with knowledge on dentures, as well as the importance of dental hygiene, in order to prevent tooth loss if possible. 

Are Dentures Right for Me? 

Modern-day dentures are made of a hard resin that is known to be both more dural and more visually pleasing than the plastic and porcelain dentures of the past. The gum portion is made of a similar resin and must also be cared for thoroughly.

When taken care of properly, dentures can last anywhere between 5 to 8 years. If one switches out their dentures regularly and gives them the care and maintenance they require, they can enjoy the full benefits of wearing dentures. 

Benefits of denture use include:

  • – The appearance of a full set of healthy teeth. 
  • – The consumption of foods that require chewing.
  • – Structural support within the mouth, keeping the cheeks and lips in place.
  • – The opportunity to fully replace teeth that are causing chronic pain or discomfort.
  • – Ability to eat important and nutritious foods.

You can learn more about the benefits of dentures by visiting our family dentists at Heroes Dental. 

How Heroes Keep Their Dentures Clean 

If you have decided that dentures would be a good fit for you, or you already use dentures in your life regularly, it is best to inform yourself with important information so you can effectively preserve your dentures.   

Heroes keep their dentures in tip-top shape by: 

  • – Remove dentures before bed to give gums space to breathe, as well as to avoid damage to the device. 
  • – When preserving or cleaning your dentures use clean, warm water and be vigilant of removing any food that may be stuck –between the teeth, in the gums, or underneath the visible areas.
  • – Avoid using abrasive cleaning solutions or toothpastes and brushes, as they may cause mild to severe damage. 
  • – When your dentures are not in place within your mouth, be sure to keep your natural gums and oral region clean in order to avoid health complications. 

If you are considering the benefits of a full and beautiful smile, let the experienced family dentists of Heroes Dental lend you our expertise and care. 

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