All across South Texas, the countdown to summer is getting closer and closer, and we couldn’t be any more excited about it here at Heroes Dental!

We’re just as ecstatic as you are for trips to the beach and amazing summer family vacations. The best part about summer is, of course, the fact that school is finally out and kids will get to enjoy a summer-long break from school and piles of homework!

But just because a few routines might change doesn’t mean your oral health care ones should. We want to share some of our favorite tips with you so that your summer break can run as smoothly as you planned it and still take care of your teeth properly.  

Get a dental check-up before you leave on vacation.

A general dental check-up isn’t normally on our checklist when planning a summer vacation trip for the entire family, but we know that no matter how long we plan our trips for, somethings just don’t go as planned.

It’s almost inevitable for something to go wrong. Sometimes the mishap is forgetting to pack socks or a toothbrush but those things are easy to fix.

Getting a dental check-up, however, can prevent worse disasters from happening. Imagine experiencing a sharp pain in your teeth when you’re in the middle of a zipline adventure at South Padre Island or as your hundreds of miles away on your summer trip to Disney World.

Your general dentist can detect problems before your symptoms even arrive and can take action before you hit the road and start your trip.

Snag a Dental First-Aid Kit.

While a first-aid kit is probably already on your list, you might have forgotten to put a dental first-aid kit on there. The team of professionals at Heroes Dental highly recommend you put this one on your checklist for a number of reasons.

Accidents happen and so it’s always best to be prepared. If you’re vacationing far from home, it might be hard to find a dentist in case of an emergency. That’s precisely when a dental first-aid kit comes in handy.

And don’t forget to keep the Heroes Dental phone number saved in your contacts in case you need our expert advice.

Mouthguards minimize the likelihood of dental injuries.

Whether it’s recreational sports or “championship matches” in the backyard this summer, a mouthguard is one of the best ways to protect your smile from bumps and falls.

Stock mouthguards are easy to find at pharmacies and sporting goods stores, but you can also get a true fit custom-made mouthguard from your dentist.

Mouthguards are trusted by professional athletes worldwide, so there’s really no reason you shouldn’t wear one too.

Plus, mouthguards not only protect your teeth, but your tongue and gums as well. Make sure to get your hands on a custom-made mouthguard by contacting Heroes Dental today.

Take it easy with the sweets!

At Heroes Dental, we know that the consumption of sweets and snacks during the summer tends to increase. Unfortunately, overdoing it results in dental problems like cavities and enamel erosion.

The last thing we want during the summer is for our family members to experience and suffer from toothaches. While sweets and snacks are always a nice treat, enjoy them in moderation.

Luckily, you can “snack smart” this summer and keep your teeth healthy. Instead of reaching for the candy bars and sour gummy worms, try fresh fruits and vegetables. They don’t sound as delicious but they sure can be! Oranges, grapes, bananas, and watermelon are some great examples. Even tangerines, cucumbers, and canned fruit are less likely to promote tooth decay in comparison to other heavily sugared snacks.

Take a summer break from school, not from oral hygiene!

Let’s keep in mind that the summer break doesn’t entail taking a break from everything, especially not our oral hygiene routine. Summertime is all about fun and relaxation, and with more time on our hands, we can also pay more attention to our smiles.

Enjoy this summer, make new memories and use our tips along the way!
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