Every year since 1968, the city of Edinburg has held its famous Fiesta Edinburg. Families from all over the Rio Grande Valley come together in celebration and excitement to enjoy the festivities.

This year, Dr. Guzman and the cavity-fighting crew from Heroes Dental joined in on the fiesta, offering oral health awareness and dental education to the residents of Edinburg and visitors from the surrounding area.

We had an absolute blast participating in this year’s event. Here’s what when down.

A Little Look into Fiesta Edinburg

Fiesta Edinburg was originally created to celebrate Edinburg being named as Hidalgo’s county seat. Over 50 years later, Fiesta Edinburg continues to be an amazing festival for families to enjoy and unwind.    

This year, country music star Roger Creager and legends like Raulito Navaira y Remedio, as well as Little Joe y La Familia, serenaded Rio Grande Valley residents. Attendees tapped their toes and boogied the night away.

There was plenty more for creative souls and thrill-seekers. Floats made their way into the imagination of the children before the little ones enjoyed plenty of carnival rides and games. A white tiger exhibition amazed onlookers.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a fiesta if there wasn’t plenty to eat. Fiesta visitors enjoyed carnival foods, local cuisine, and even a Delia’s Tamale Throwdown.

Heroes Dental: Fiesta Fanatics

This year, we were happy to rally up a few crew members to spread the word about our south Texas dental offices as well as educate locals about the importance of brushing, flossing, and general teeth cleaning tips.

We set up a booth full to the brim of Heroes Dental swag to give out to children. Everyone had a blast taking pictures with our Heroes Dental picture frame, something that actually continued into the evening.

All in all, not only were those two days a great opportunity to spread the word about the importance of oral health, it was a great way to meet members of the community and give a little something back!

One Thing to Remember

We had a great time at Edinburg Fiesta, and we definitely saw families enjoying all the entertainment as well – including the food.

Of course, we wouldn’t be Heroes Dental if we didn’t spread a little advice on limiting sugary snacks, treats, and beverages. It’s important to remember that sugary foods provide a buffet for bad bacteria that live in your mouth. These little critters eat the sugars that remain on your teeth and secrete an acid that can erode away tooth enamel. This erosion, if it exposes the dentin beneath the enamel, is called a cavity.

But don’t despair. There is plenty that you can do to avoid developing cavities.

Brushing for at least two minutes twice a day and daily flossing can help eliminate the bacteria that cause cavities. Pair this with a routine dentist visit at least twice a year and your smile should stay nice and beautiful.

You don’t have to wait until next year’s Fiesta Edinburg to have a good time. Come by Heroes Dental, where our family dentists provide a fun and safe atmosphere for dental checkups and teeth cleanings.


At Heroes Dental, our goal is to take away the anxiety of going to the dentist’s office. Our staff knows exactly how to help brush away any nervousness and we offer a family-friendly environment.

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