The first full week of March is Dental Assistants Recognition Week! Even if you visit the dentist regularly, you may not know much about what a dental assistant does every day.

Dental assistants are flexible and talented members of our team, as they can complete front-office and chairside duties. Celebrate the week by learning what our amazing dental assistants do for you and your McAllen Dentist

What Does a Dental Assistant Do When I Visit the Dentist?

When you arrive at your dentist appointment, the dental assistant will usually be the one who comes and gets you from the waiting room. They will bring you to your room, update your dental record, take your vital signs, and get you ready for your appointment with the dentist. 

Dental assistants can also take dental X-rays and provide oral hygiene tips to protect your dental health!  

How Does the Dental Assistant Help Me During Procedures?

If you’re visiting the dentist to get braces, a dental implant, a cavity filling, a tooth extraction, or any other dental procedure, you may feel a little nervous. The dental assistant plays a key role in helping you stay relaxed and comfortable during the process.

Dental assistants will check in with you throughout the procedure to make sure you’re doing ok and update you on how it’s going. Having this extra help on the dental team can make a difference in your dental experience! 

How Does the Dental Assistant Help the Dentist During Procedures?

You may have noticed that the dental assistant hands the dentist instruments during dental treatments. This is another big role for the dental assistant!

While keeping you comfortable, the dental assistant is also there to help the dentist. Your dental assistant will pass instruments, rinse your mouth with water, or suction saliva out of the dentist’s way. Dental assistants can also make impressions needed for certain procedures, like crowns

What Do Dental Assistants Do After I Leave the Office?  

The dental assistant’s job is never done. After you leave, your dental assistant will clean and sterilize the room and equipment and get ready for the next patient. Dental assistants also document your visit in your dental record so that it’s updated the next time you come in.

Can Dental Assistants Work in the Front Office?  

Sometimes dental assistants take on various roles in the front office as well. This includes answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, filing insurance claims, and ordering supplies. As you can see, dental assistants are versatile!

A Very Special “Thank You” to Our Dental Assistants at Heroes Dental! 

We love our dental assistants, and we hope our patients do too! Our dental team wouldn’t be where it is today without our talented dental assistants. They do a lot around the office–front and back! And you can show that you care by saying “thank you” too! 

Celebrate Dental Assistants Recognition Week by scheduling an appointment with one of our Heroes Dental assistants. Let our skilled assistants care for your dental health today! 

Start the celebration by reaching out to our excellent dental assistants at Heroes Dental for an appointment today! 

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