When Valentine’s Day comes around, romance tends to be at the front of everyone’s mind. This is especially true if we have a partner as we want to look our best for them.

A gorgeous white smile can make a big impression on those around you, so this Valentine’s Day, consider treating yourself to professional teeth whitening by our cosmetic dentist in McAllen and enjoy a visibly brighter smile.

The Benefits of Tooth Whitening

Many people prefer the look of beautiful pearly whites. If this applies to you, you’ll certainly enjoy the benefits of tooth whitening. Most love the results of this simple procedure, particularly when they can see a dramatic difference. 

If you want to get and keep whiter teeth, look into this option. Enjoy more confidence with a whiter smile. 

Even if you have stains from food, drinks, or smoking, you can still get white teeth. Your dentist can tell you what will work best, so ask during your next checkup.

Teeth Whitening Options

There are a variety of tooth whitening options that might be just what you need, including whitening toothpaste, at-home whitening kits, or professional tooth whitening at your dentist. 

Naturally, the best (and safest) results will come from a dentist. 

Dentists have access to much stronger bleach and they can also make sure that you get the results you want without damaging your teeth.

What To Expect From Professional Tooth Whitening

Professional tooth whitening tends to have the most successful results. The process starts with a checkup on the health of your teeth. Your dentist will give you an exam to make sure your teeth are healthy enough for the procedure and to help avoid any sensitivity or damage. 

Once the exam is complete, your dentist will then discuss the teeth whitening options available to you. They will also let you know what to expect from the procedure, walking you through the steps so you know what’s coming. 

The Preparation and Procedure

Next, you will be prepped for the teeth whitening procedure. 

Your dentist has the option to cover your gums and other soft tissues. This helps reduce sensitivity that many people complain of when they try to whiten their teeth themselves. Your dentist can also ensure any whitening trays they use on your teeth fit properly, which helps prevent gum sensitivity. 

Your dentist will then start the procedure; you’ll typically have to sit for a while with the whitening solution on your teeth. The time this takes will depend on the results you want and what your dentist feels is best for your situation. 

Results and Aftercare

As soon as the procedure is done, you will notice a big difference in the shade of your teeth. Most patients will see around 7 shades of difference, but this does depend on their teeth and what caused the yellowing.

Professional teeth whitening tends to last longer than your average at-home kit can manage.

Be aware that your teeth will naturally darken a bit over time. However, they should stay close to your results for a few months depending on your teeth and diet. You can also ask your dentist what you can do to maintain your results. Your dentist can send you home with a teeth whitening kit to help keep your smile whiter. 

Trust Heroes Dental To Brighten Your Smile for Valentine’s Day

If you want to give yourself the gift of a whiter smile, trust the team at Heroes Dental. Our dentists can help you achieve the results you want as quickly and safely as possible. You can enjoy all the benefits of tooth whitening without worrying about your dental health. Contact us today to get started.

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