For our children, losing baby teeth is a big step. The small amount of pain that comes with pulling a loose tooth can be scary for our little ones, but in the blink of an eye, they have a sparkling baby tooth to exchange for a prize from the ever-elusive tooth fairy. 

National Tooth Fairy Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to have fun and celebrate. 

Help our Laredo family dentist at Heroes Dental celebrate this special day honoring our little friend by sharing related personal tales with your children and bringing them in to have their baby teeth cleaned and inspected. 

The History of the Tooth Fairy 

Whispers about the tooth fairy began in the United States but go back as far as medieval Europe. 

Back then in England, children had to burn their baby teeth so they wouldn’t suffer in the afterlife. They also destroyed their baby teeth since it was thought that witches could control you if they got a hold of them. Thankfully, none of this would be proven true.

It was not until the 1920s that the tooth fairy came to be as we know it. In 1927, Esther Watkins Arnold published her playlet “The Tooth Fairy,” which spread the word about the tooth fairy to children all across the nation. This book was not only about the tooth fairy, but a book to encourage and remind children to take care of their teeth and eat healthy. 

From then on, parents told the story about the tooth fairy to help children overcome the fear of losing their teeth since they are promised a small reward from our fluttering friend. 

How to Get Ready for the Tooth Fairy 

Everybody wants strong and healthy teeth, and by brushing and flossing twice a day and cutting back on sugary snacks and drinks, your child’s smile will sparkle brilliantly. And as us parents all know from when we lost our baby teeth, the tooth fairy pays out very well for beautiful pearly whites.

If your child has lost his or her first baby tooth, tell them the story about the tooth fairy and help them hide it under their pillow before they go to sleep. By morning, who knows what surprise will await them! 

Time to celebrate National Tooth Fairy Day

National Tooth Fairy Day lands on August 22, and if your child loses a tooth in time, this could make this celebration even more special.

Reading a bunch of books together or even watching movies about our favorite fairy is a perfect way to spend this day, but don’t forget to bring your children in to see our Laredo family dentist. Proper dental care needs to start at a young age to avoid lasting complications later. 

If you have a child that needs their teeth squeaky clean for National Tooth Fairy Day then contact Heroes Dental at (958) 568-6690 for a dental cleaning today.

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