Going to the dentist can be a scary experience for a kid, so one of the best ways to help them fight their fears is to teach them what to expect when visiting. Many kids think of dental tools as scary, but by teaching them what each tool does, you can help to ease their anxieties.

Engaging your little one’s curiosity can help them banish nerves before their appointment.

The Tools of the Trade


Dental probes are a common tool in any dental practice. These tools allow the dentist to check for cavities or injuries in the mouth that aren’t obvious to the eye. The different shapes of these tools are meant for different tasks, like checking between your kid’s teeth.

Dental Mirror

The dental mirror is a very handy tool. A small, round mirror set on a stick, this tool lets dentists see hard-to-see areas without needing to become contortionists. It’s one of the first tools your McAllen pediatric dentist will use in any exam. 

Suction Unit

The suction unit is usually a favorite for little heroes, but sometimes they can be afraid of the noise it creates. This little device uses suction to remove excess saliva or debris without the need to swallow. 


Dental drills are a very common source of fear for kids and adults alike as the sound or vibrations can be a bit jarring to some patients. However, the dental drill is the best tool to remove hard areas of decay.

Talk to your dentist if your child is very scared of the drill. They may have some suggestions to make it easier for your kid. 


Excavators are what your McAllen pediatric dentist will use if a cavity has soft decay. The most common excavator is a small spoon shape, which tends to be less scary for children. 


Anesthetics are a class of drugs used to numb pain and are used in a variety of dental procedures to numb the area that needs work. Anesthetics can be applied topically or injected to target the affected teeth. 

If your child is nervous about an injection, ask for a topical anesthetic before the injection as this helps to block the brief discomfort of the shot.

Dental Syringes

A fear of needles is very common in children and dental syringes tend to be long so they can easily reach any area of the mouth. Keeping your kid distracted is the best way to ease their fear of the needle. 

McAllen Pediatric Dentist Ready to Ease Your Fear

Knowledge is power and is the best way to fight common childhood fears. Talk about the dentist early on with your little hero to address their concerns.

Dental fear is real, but the Heroes Dental team is here to help. Your McAllen pediatric dentists can teach your child all about the tools used and make sure they continue to smile brightly. 

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