Vaping has quickly become one of the most common practices done by people of all ages due to the common misconception that it is a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. 

Shockingly, as of this month, federal health authorities across the U.S. are investigating a growing number of cases related to serious illnesses and spontaneous deaths associated with e-cigarette use. 

Despite the numerous reports on the news about links to lung failure, lung collapse, and even instances where e-cigarettes actually explode inside of the mouth, people still continue to vape – and these aren’t the only causes for concern.

Nicotine products, even when vaped, can still be harmful to your dental health. Don’t believe it? Well, consider the following information brought to you by the family dentists of Heroes Dental in Pharr.

How Vaping Can Ruin Your Smile

1. Unknown Synthetic Chemicals

What is known about vape pens is that companies in the market of e-cigarettes are constantly coming up with new ways to attract their target audiences and have found that creating sweet flavors attracts consumers more than unflavored ones. 

One of the main ingredients used in these flavorings is propylene glycol (PG), a colorless liquid that is notorious for wearing down the enamel of the tooth, as well as the surrounding soft tissue. PG is also known to be the cause for extreme mouth dryness which leads to an increased risk of developing gum disease. Along with PG, other flavorings and various types of glycerin are linked to causing cavities that can eventually lead to widespread tooth decay.  

2. Nicotine Vaper Can Still Ruin Your Teeth 

Nicotine is a toxic substance that has been linked to the raising of blood pressure and increased heart rates. While the long term effects of vaping are still unknown, it is believed that the nicotine in e-cigarettes can increase teeth grinding, excessive dry mouth, gum inflammation, receding gums, and lead to many other oral health issues. 

One electronic cartridge is known to be the equivalent of smoking up to almost three packs of cigarettes. The sheer amount of nicotine users inhale is certainly likely to cause oral health problems. 

3. Vapor: Bacteria’s Best Friend

When you put vaping into perspective, the smoke you are inhaling is quite literally just heated nicotine that, over time, will create an advantageous environment for disease-causing bacteria. These types of bacteria will dry the mouth out which eventually will lead to a higher prevalence of cavities, gingivitis, enamel decay, bone loss, a higher risk of infections, and so many other symptoms that could simply be avoided altogether.

While research on the overall effects of smoking e-cigarettes is still in progress, it is safe to assume that e-cigarettes are a dangerous product that should be avoided if possible. For instance, individuals who smoke e-cigarettes do not necessarily quit using traditional cigarettes. In fact, research has shown that 70 to 90 percent of e-cigarette users continue to smoke traditional cigarettes – which come with their own health issues. 

Regardless of whether you are using e-cigarettes or other tobacco products, it is in your best interest to stop smoking altogether and to schedule regular dental appointments to ensure that your gums and teeth are still healthy. 

Continual use of tobacco products can have profound negative effects on your teeth that will not only reduce your quality of life but also create health problems.  


If you are an e-cigarette user and are concerned about your teeth, contact your Pharr family dentist at Heroes Dental and schedule your next appointment today without further delay.

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