Did you know that a missing tooth can impact your health and appearance in various ways? It is absolutely essential to your general health and wellbeing that you have all of your teeth. If one goes missing, you can face some serious oral health consequences.

If you missing a tooth, visit your local McAllen dentists at Heroes Dental as soon as possible.

How Does a Missing Tooth Hurt You?

A missing tooth can affect your oral health in a number of ways including:

Cosmetic Issues

A missing tooth can have a very apparent effect on your smile. A gap, especially in the front teeth, is quite noticeable and can greatly affect your confidence.

Here at Heroes Dental, we offer a variety of restoration options to give you a smile you’ll love including:

  • 1. Dental bridges
  • 2. Implants
  • 3. Dentures

Alignment Issues

Did you know that a missing tooth can have a serious impact on your oral health? All of your teeth are connected to the jawbone and each tooth has a set amount of space to grow into. When there is a gap in your smile, the structure for growth is unavailable.

Gaps from missing teeth weaken the jawbone and increase the susceptibility of surrounding teeth to become loose. In a chain effect, you may be at risk at having other teeth fall out.

Furthermore, the gum area around the missing tooth can begin to recede. This can be a cosmetic issue, as well as an oral health problem, allowing plaque to build up and increase the risk for periodontal disease or cavities.

Problems with Nutrition

Chewing is an essential component of digestion. It is the very first step to breaking down foods so that you may effectively absorb the nutrients that are essential for proper health.

However, when you have missing teeth, you can experience difficulty in chewing, which has a direct impact on your ability to break down foods for proper digestion.

What Can I Do to Prevent the Adverse Effects of a Missing Tooth?

There are a variety of options available to fix a missing tooth and Heroes Dental family dentistry in McAllen is here to help.

Consider the following treatment options:

Dental Implants

A prosthetic replacement of your tooth can mimic the shape, size, and composition of your missing tooth. It can eliminate the need for adjusting surrounding teeth. Implants anchor to the jaw and are covered by a crown to replicate the tooth. Talk to your dentist to see if this is the best option for you.


A dental bridge can reduce the risk of drifting of the surrounding teeth which can cause oral health problems. Bridges will also match the appearance of your real teeth in color and composition.


Dentures are typically an option for individuals missing numerous teeth. Dentures are one of the more affordable treatments. Consult one of our family dentists to see whether dentures are the appropriate treatment for you.

To eliminate the risk of missing teeth and other oral health issues, it is important to maintain a healthy oral hygiene routine and visiting your dentist at least twice a year so they can catch any issues early on.

Your friendly family dentists at Heroes Dental can help prevent dental loss and treat oral health issues to help you achieve an optimal smile.

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