Spring Break is a nice little opportunity for families to unwind and re-charge. It’s also the perfect time for you and your children to get a dental cleaning or dental work done.

With a radiant smile, you can enjoy your vacation in good health. Your family-friendly team at Heroes Dental wants to remind you that Spring Break means spring cleaning as well.

Whether or not you’re planning on traveling this upcoming Spring Break, it’s a good idea to schedule a dental cleaning appointment so that you and your little ones are all set before returning back to school.

Tips to Help You Get Through Spring Break With a Gorgeous Smile

For whatever reason, during any holiday, we tend to relax a bit on our dental health. Whether it’s enjoying more sweets or failing to keep up with our oral health routine, you’ll want to remember these tips during Spring Break to help keep your family’s smiles healthy:

1. Keep Up With Good Habits
Schools out! No homework. No stress. No need to keep up with your oral health routine, right?

While a week won’t necessarily cause irreparable damage, teaching your children to keep up with their self-care habits, regardless if they are on vacation or not, is a lesson worth teaching.

Make sure you and your children continue to brush at least twice a day and floss at least once. This should also include staying hydrated, which can prove to be especially important if you’re going to be spending time at the beach or outdoors.

2. Replace and Restock
Springtime also means spring cleaning. Just like you might throw out old household items you don’t use anymore, now’s the time to replace your toothbrush if you’ve had it for more than 3 months. You’ll also want to take an inventory of all your tooth cleaning supplies and restock on items like floss and mouthwash, as well as travel items that you can leave in your vehicle for emergency use.

3. Swap Out Sugary Spring Snacks for Healthy Treats
Traveling during Spring Break often means making little pit stops and picking up whatever sugary treats are available to us. Even if you’re going to have a “staycation,” Easter candies are likely to be piling up on store shelves by this time. Eating foods that are too starchy, sugary, or acidic can cause plaque to build up. The results of eating sugary treats can be painful toothaches, cavities, or even gum disease. Ouch!

As tempting as it might be to indulge, start spring on the right foot by having plenty of fresh ripe fruit and vegetables available to snack on. Make better food choices during Spring Break to form healthier eating habits and preserve your children’s strong pearly-whites.

4. Don’t Forget to Pack Dental Friendly Travel Items
If your family is going to be on the road during Spring Break, there are a few items you are going to want to pack. For on-the-go cleaning, wisp mini-toothbrushes, dental floss, and sugar-free gum are the way to go. That way, if you or your children are having a snack in the car, you can get rid of lodged food particles instead of waiting until you arrive at your destination.

Don’t forget to keep lots of water on hand, too. Water is great for rinsing and also improves hydration and your overall health.

5. Schedule Your Spring Dental Cleaning NOW
The ultimate Spring Break tooth-saving tip is to visit your family dentist and get a spring dental cleaning. When school starts up again, you might find it too difficult to make time for a cleaning. Instead, use this free time to get some essential tooth maintenance in.

If you do plan on traveling during Spring Break, try and schedule an appointment before all the fun begins.

Schedule one short trip to see your friendly neighborhood dentists at Heroes Dental and find comfort in knowing you got the important stuff out of the way before enjoying your family vacation.

Contact Heroes Dental today at any of our South Texas offices to schedule your Spring Break cleaning!

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