It is no surprise that getting children to brush their teeth can be a difficult task. One of the main reasons teeth cleaning can be a challenge for little ones is simply because it is boring to them!

Since it is Dental Hygiene Month, your Mission pediatric dentists at Heroes Dental gathered some fun arts and crafts ideas so your kids can learn the importance of oral hygiene. This is an exciting way for them to get their hands a little dirty while learning the importance of keeping their mouths clean.

Let the Mission Dentist-Approved Fun Begin!

1. Sparkly Whites

This activity will make children flash their pearly whites while learning about teeth whitening and brushing. For this project, you will need yellow or cream-colored paper or cardstock, white paint, white glitter, one paper plate,and a cheap toothbrush.

The first step in this activity is to draw or print a tooth on the paper. Next, grab a paper plate and mix some paint and glitter together. Lastly, allow or assist your little one in painting the tooth with the toothbrush, showing them how brushing your teeth results in having a sparkly white smile!

2. Sad Teeth/Happy Teeth

This simple project will demonstrate what foods are good for your teeth and what foods affect your teeth if you don’t brush them.

In this activity, you will need one white and one yellow sheet of construction paper, markers, scissors, and glue.

Step by step directions to make the Sad Teeth/Happy teeth activity:

  1. Draw, print, or trace one tooth on the white construction paper and another on the yellow paper
  2. Draw a happy face on the tooth that is on the white paper and a sad face on the tooth on the yellow paper. 
  3. Draw healthy foods on or around the happy tooth showing the children what foods are good for your teeth and junk foods on the sad, yellow tooth. The sad tooth shows the consequence of eating candy and junk food without brushing your teeth.

Some alternatives to drawing the foods on or around the teeth are printing out images of the different foods, finding foods in magazines and newspapers and cutting them out, or using actual wrappers (mainly for the junk food) and pasting them with the assigned tooth.

3. My Toothbrush Holder

This arts and crafts project allows your little hero to show their creativity and make something mundane to them into something fun and making it their own.

For this project you will need:

  • construction paper
  •  markers 
  • scissors 
  • glue 
  • any other arts and craft supplies you might have, for example, glitter, feathers, buttons, or gemstones.

First, draw, print or trace an image of a simple, blank toothbrush holder cup with a toothbrush in it. Then, simply allow the children to decorate their toothbrush holder however they please using any arts and craft material.

If you have the time and resources, a fun alternative would be to buy a white or blank toothbrush holder or cup and let the children paint and decorate their very own toothbrush holder they can use and display.

5. Learn to Floss

This activity will teach kids the importance of flossing while learning how to floss. For this activity you will need a white ice cube tray, yellow playdough, and a blue or green pipe cleaner.

Although this project is easy, it is also extremely effective. To get started, turn the ice cube tray upside down. Each little ice cube socket resembles the teeth in our mouths. Next, stick some yellow playdough sporadically in between each “tooth;” it is best when the playdough gets really stuck in there. Now, have the children use a pipe cleaner as floss to get the playdough out of the ice cube tray.

Have Fun With Your Heroes During National Dental Hygiene Month

It is essential your little heroes learn about good oral hygiene and the importance of having healthy teeth; it’s also a plus when they have fun doing so! Learning about teeth cleaning and teeth whitening can boost your confidence and keep you healthy. Teaching kids these good habits at a young age is not easy but these are a few ways to make it fun! 

We look forward to helping your child build a beautiful smile at Heroes Dental. 

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