Have you been celebrating National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month? The team of experts at Heroes Dental definitely have and we couldn’t think of a better month than June for this celebration. With the scorching South Texas heat and all the trips we’ll be making to the beach this summer, there’s no better time to indulge in fresh fruits and veggies with the family.National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month serves to remind us about the importance of good health and how fresh fruit and vegetables contribute to that – even our dental health.

A poor diet can lead to tooth decay and gum disease, both of which can cause severe dental complications. Foods that are rich in sugars and starches ultimately assist in the development of plaque that erodes tooth enamel.

We genuinely care about your smile so we’re sharing with you some of our favorite fresh fruits and veggies that promote healthier teeth.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables vs. Processed Foods

We can tell you right off the bat that fresh fruits and vegetables definitely win this one. Fresh fruits and veggies are not frozen, preserved, or processed in any way, they’re sourced locally and they’re capable of maintaining their nutritional value and flavor.

Our favorite fresh fruit and vegetables at Heroes Dental include:


Strawberries, aside from being extremely delicious, contain Vitamin C, which effectively operates as a tooth whitener. The majority of fresh fruit also contains malic acid that works wonders by acting as an astringent for the removal of surface stains on our teeth. Stock up on strawberries all summer long or find them at your local farmers’ market.


Watermelon is packed with essential nutrients like vitamin A and vitamin C, which helps keep our immune system strong. This delicious summer fruit also has the potential to strengthen and clean our teeth and gums. Its antioxidant properties help preserve our gums and vitamin B6 nutrients that help our brains function better. Watermelon is also known to stimulate saliva, which in turn bathes and cleans your pearly whites.


Celery is actually very fun to eat when it’s cold. It’s so deliciously crunchy and hard to resist, so by all means, don’t. Celery works as a shield against bacteria inside our mouths, and it also contains vitamin C, which helps to naturally clean our teeth when we eat it. Since it also becomes threadlike as we chew, it helps pick up plaque in between our teeth, keeping them germ-free.


Carrots are packed with a healthy dose of vitamin A and act as a natural toothbrush. Chewing carrots after a meal can actually help reduce discoloration, and even if you don’t normally carry a toothbrush with you, a carrot can get the job done.

Celebrate National Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Month with Heroes Dental! And don’t forget to schedule an appointment.

We hope you’ve been taking advantage of nature’s gifts this month, and if you haven’t, remember that it’s never too late to start eating plenty of fresh fruits and veggies.

Our staff at Heroes Dental encourages you to always eat fresh fruits and vegetables, as they not only give you a healthier smile, but can also reduce your risk of cancer, diabetes, and many other diseases.

If you haven’t booked your appointments for you routine clean-up this summer, call us today and we’ll book you at your earliest convenience.

Stay healthy this summer and remember to smile big and smile bright with Heroes Dental.

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