Did you know November 1st is a holiday? No, it’s not only the day after Halloween, it’s also a day to recover from all the tasty sweets from the night before! 

November 1st is National Brush Day!  

In celebration of National Brush Day, your Mission pediatric dentists at Heroes Dental would like to inform you of the importance of promoting good tooth brushing habits, brushing techniques, and awareness of children’s oral health.

What Is National Brush Day?

It isn’t a coincidence National Brush Day falls on the day after Halloween. Kids will be delighted to hear the celebration will continue with another holiday once the sugar-fueled Halloween activities are over. 

The objective of National Brush Day is to remind parents to reinforce good oral hygiene habits and brush away all those sugar bugs from the night before! It is a day of recovery for your sparkly whites after a holiday of celebrating by indulging in things that are not oral health-friendly.

Why Is Brushing Your Teeth Important?

Brushing your teeth is crucial to your oral health. 

If you don’t brush your teeth, you are risking developing plaque buildup, which contains bacteria that eats away at your enamel. The loss of enamel causes one to get the dreaded cavity. Remember, sugar is a cavity’s best friend! 

Failure to remove plaque from your teeth can cause the plaque to harden into tartar, causing swelling and gum disease.  Also, brushing your teeth saves you from encountering any embarrassing moments by removing any food you might have gotten stuck in your teeth.

Brushing Tips

The American Dental Association recommends you follow the 2min2x rule when it comes to brushing your teeth. This abbreviation means one should brush their teeth for two minutes, twice a day. Using fluoride toothpaste can further aid in the prevention of cavities.

Additional tips include: 

  • The head of your toothbrush should be able to fit comfortably in your mouth while cleaning more at once and accessing hard-to-reach areas. 
  • Make sure to store your toothbrush somewhere it can properly dry. 
  • You should replace your toothbrush every three to four months or until the bristles become frayed. 
  • It is recommended you use soft-bristled brushes because hard or medium bristles cause damage to your gums and enamel.

For best results, brush your teeth in circular motions. This technique provides the best coverage and gets in between your teeth. It is important to brush your teeth thoroughly on all sides. Kids tend to only brush one side, so you might need to assist them in brushing the outside surface, inner surface, and the surface they use to chew.

Celebrate National Brush Day with Mission Pediatrics Dentist

Keep the celebration going by participating in National Brush Day! On the morning of November first, surprise your Little Heroes with brand new toothbrushes. Inform your little ones it’s a celebration by brushing together as a family. 

You can make it even more special by blasting fun music while brushing all those dastardly sugar bugs down the drain.

Your Mission pediatrics dentists encourage you and your Little Heroes to keep your smiles bright by visiting us for a cleaning. Remember a good brushing technique will go miles for preventing plaque buildup, but teeth cleaning is what keeps smiles beautiful.

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