This week we recognize the devotion, passion, and work dental assistants contribute to Heroes Dental. We acknowledge how significant dental assistants are to the well-being of our patients and are thankful for all they do. 

Join Heroes Dental in celebrating Dental Assistant Recognition Week from March 6-12. 

This week will bring to light the importance of dentistry in general health care and the role and responsibilities of dental assistants. Dental assistants are indispensable to dental practices as they assist with keeping the work environment flowing with their many talents. 

Your McAllen pediatric dentists would love to explain the importance of dental assistants and how you and your family can help honor them. 

What Do Dental Assistants Do?

Dental assistants take on various roles inside a dental practice. They assist in office duties, like answering phones and scheduling appointments. They also help behind the scenes and prep examination rooms for the dentists and even assist dentists with certain procedures. 

Because of their versatile roles, dental assistants work with the administrative staff and the medical staff in the clinic. The following are a few examples of the tasks dental assistants handle:

Office Duties:

  • • Taking phone calls
  • • Making appointments 
  • • Checking in patients
  • • Prepping insurance forms
  • • Organize the office 
  • • Record keeping
  • • Making calls to confirm and remind patients of their appointments
  • • Dealing with billing

Medical Duties:

  • • Taking patients to their examination room
  • • Making sure the patient is prepared for their procedure
  • • Helping with dental procedures like crowns, extractions, fillings, and root canals
  • • Create dental impressions 
  • • Take x-rays 
  • • Keeping dental tools, equipment, and exam rooms sterilized 
  • • Cleaning up after a procedure 
  • • Inform patients of the importance of good oral hygiene

Dental assistants also assist patients by creating rapport to help make their little ones comfortable during their visits. They have great people skills and make sure to listen to and understand patients while showing sincere sympathy because they truly care.

This may seem like a lot of work because it is. This is why we dedicate a week to show appreciation for everything dental assistants do. 

How Can Your Family Help Celebrate Our Dental Assistants?

Here are a few ways we can show our appreciation for dental assistants:

  1. Have your kids make a card for their dental assistants showcasing how much they mean to them. 
  2. Send over a gift basket with foods and drinks that help oral health. 
  3. Make a public post on your social media accounts showing off how amazing your dental team is. 
  4. Deliver thank you notes to show your appreciation.

McAllen Pediatric Dentists Celebrate Dental Assistant Recognition Week

Dental assistants play a pivotal role in our practice. They work hard to help the clinic run smoothly and help your kids feel safe in their care. With endless duties to fulfill, they truly are superheroes. 

Next time you schedule a check-up or teeth cleaning for your children, you should remind them that dental assistants are very much appreciated. 

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