As adults, losing a tooth can prove to be extremely harmful to your dental health. Empty spaces in your mouth can lead to jawbone deterioration which can, in turn, lead to other serious issues such as the appearance of facial collapse, problems with chewing, and difficulties with speech.

Luckily, there are several solutions to help correct this issue and which can prevent further dental health problems down the road. However, there is one superior option that reduces complications and is generally more comfortable for patients.

Dental implant procedures can be extremely effective, helping to restore function and improve the aesthetic look of your smile. Our family dentists at Heroes Dental want what’s best for you and want to provide you with the information you need regarding dental implants to make the best decision.

Please consider the following information.

What is a dental implant?

Similar to dentures or a dental bridge, a dental implant is a prosthetic tooth replacement. The process to get a dental implant is a two-part procedure in which a titanium post is fused to the jawbone in order to create a mount for the replacement tooth and crown.

There are many advantages to this type of tooth replacement including improved tooth stability and a 98% success rate. If you are in need of a tooth replacement, consult your experienced dentists at Heroes Dental to see if the dental implant procedure is right for you.

What are the parts of a dental implant?

Titanium Post: The base of the dental implant is made of titanium so that the body will not recognize it as foreign material. This post acts as a replacement root for the tooth.

Depending on your specific situation, a tooth or teeth may need to be extracted to begin work. Because the implant relies on the jawbone for support, a graft may be done to prep the base.

The first part of the procedure requires the placement of a titanium post followed by a 6-month healing process.

Abutment: This is a connecting element placed during the second part of the dental implant procedure. After the healing process, an abutment will allow the dentist to screw the replacement tooth into the titanium post.

Crown: After the abutment, the final step is for the dentist to make a custom crown to secure the implant. Proper oral hygiene and dental check-ups are essential for maintaining a secure dental implant.

Is a dental implant right for me?

At Heroes Dental, our experienced dentist will begin the process by reviewing your medical history and dental imaging the site where tooth replacement is necessary. The imaging will include x-ray, CT scan, and then a physical inspection of the site.

Healthy gums and adequate jaw bone are necessary to proceed with the dental implant. If everything seems to be in order, then your dentist will decide which of the two dental implants best suits you.

The two types of dental implants include:

  1. Endosteal: A titanium post is fused with the jawbone followed by a 6-month healing process. Once the gums have healed from the placement of the post, a second surgery is necessary to attach a replacement tooth to the implant post. The tooth is then secured with a crown.
  2. Subperiosteal: A metal frame is attached to the jaw bone beneath the gums. As the surrounding gums heal, the posts attached to the frame will stick out. This is where the tooth implant will be secured.

The Benefits of Dental Implants

If you need to replace a tooth or multiple teeth, there are several options for replacement. These include dentures, dental bridges, and dental implants.

Dentures are the more affordable option, however, because of the ease at which they can be removed, they are not only less convenient but can result in the loss of taste and sensation. Also, speaking may become more difficult for individuals with dentures.

A fixed dental bridge relies on the support of existing teeth. By cementing the replacement tooth to existing teeth, there is an increased chance for discomfort and damage.

The dental implant is the most comfortable and advanced of the three dental replacement options. It relies solely on the jaw bone as a base of support. It allows individuals to eat and speak normally, and adds an aesthetic appeal to your smile.

Post-Surgery Dental Implant Care

In the weeks following your dental implant procedure, it is crucial that you keep your teeth clean to prevent a specific periodontal disease called “peri-implantitis” which can result in the loss of the implant if left untreated.

Although the dental implant is a prosthetic piece, it is essential that you maintain proper oral hygiene and receive regular dental check-ups to keep the implant secure and the rest of the gums and teeth healthy.

Our caring family dentists at Heroes Dental want to remind you:

  • Brush twice a day and after meals when possible.
  • Rinse with antiseptic wash and floss daily.
  • Avoid acidic and sugary foods that can cause plaque.
  • Be cautious when chewing hard foods.
  • Reduce the risk of oral cancer by putting tobacco aside.
  • Visit your local Heroes Dental for regular check-ups.
  • Consult your dentist for concerns and advice on your implant.

With our years of experience, the family dentists at Heroes Dental ensure a safe and quality dental implant surgery that will improve both your oral health and smile.

If you are considering a dental implant for your tooth replacement needs, consult our dedicated team at Heroes Dental to get you started.

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