It is amazing to realize that our teeth are constantly being ambushed by bacteria that thrive on the food particles left in our mouths after we eat. This attack on the teeth can hit especially hard for children who enjoy sweet treats often. 

The foods they consume plus the bacteria in their mouths cause the enamel in your little one’s teeth to deteriorate and become frail. The key to preventing this deterioration is to have a good oral health routine.  

Your McAllen pediatric dentists at Heroes Dental would like to give our friends and families the essential facts on everything you need to know about protecting your and your children’s tooth enamel. 

What Exactly Is Enamel? 

Essentially, enamel is a shield that protects your teeth from damage that can be caused by chewing, grinding, and biting. Enamel also keeps your kids’ teeth guarded against harmful temperatures and chemicals. 

Once there is damage to the enamel, teeth may become sensitive to hot or cold food and drinks, and sugary foods as well. 

What Causes Enamel Erosion? 

As mentioned before, there are a number of foods and drinks that can cause enamel erosion for your little ones, including: 

  • • Sugary Soft Drinks

Sodas are loaded with acids and sugars that bacteria love. If left to their own devices, this bacteria creates an acid that will eat away at tooth enamel. Try to refrain from letting your children indulge in sugary soft drinks, and make sure their teeth get brushed soon after they enjoy a soft drink.

  • • Fruity Drinks

Fruit drinks contain a lot of acids that can be harmful to your kid’s enamel. Sometimes parents try to switch fruit drinks for sodas thinking this is a healthier option, but the truth is both kinds contain tons of sugar. 

To be safe, limit the number of fruit drinks you let your little one consume. 

  • • Sour Foods

Most foods that are sour contain a lot of acids that can be damaging to enamel. These foods range from citrus fruits (like lemons) to sour candies. The effects of acidic foods can be countered by serving your child some cheese or milk after a meal. This will help balance out the pH levels of their mouth rapidly. 

Can Tooth Enamel Be Restored? 

Unfortunately, our bodies cannot repair chipped or cracked teeth/enamel since they do not contain living cells. 

On the bright side, making an appointment with your McAllen pediatric dentist can help you prevent further damage to weakened enamel. Although an oral care routine won’t fix a broken tooth, it is still crucial to prevent any additional harm to your child’s teeth. 

If you are concerned your child may be experiencing deterioration in their teeth enamel, make sure to schedule an appointment with your McAllen pediatric dentist at Heroes Dental to get to “the root” of the problem! 

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