Maybe you remember when a dental assistant comforted you while you waited for a dental procedure, or maybe you had a great conversation with a dental assistant about your oral health after examining an x-ray of your teeth. Whatever the reason is, dental assistants are often the first person you see when you visit your dentist, and for good reason.

Dental assistants wear a lot of different hats in the dentist’s office. They can do anything from scheduling to even sterilizing equipment, and with certainty, their position is crucial to the successful operation of a dentist’s office.

That’s why, during the first week of March, your Laredo pediatric dentists at Heroes Dental want to acknowledge their contributions and dedication by celebrating Dental Assistants Recognition Week (DARW). If you schedule a dentist’s appointment at our office, rest assured that the dental assistants of Heroes Dental will be happy to help you shape a perfect smile.

What Your Dental Assistant Does for You

Dental assistants have become more and more important to the dental practice as a whole. Even though they may primarily serve as a link between the patients and the dentists, their role within the dentist office covers a lot of responsibilities, namely:

  • ■ Scheduling Appointments
  • ■ Recording Patient Notes
  • ■ roper Oral Hygiene Education
  • ■ Treatment Preparation
  • ■ Instrument Sterilization
  • ■ General Anesthesia Assistance
  • ■ Suction Device Positioning
  • ■ Taking Dental Impressions
  • ■ Taking X-Rays (With Proper Certification)

As dental health is finally being prioritized as a key part of overall health, the role of dental assistants will only continue to grow.

Let Your Dental Assistant Know You Care

This upcoming week, spread the word about the importance of dental assistants. If your child is uncomfortable going to the dentist, you can let them know that there’s someone on their side who can ease their dental anxieties and help them understand why maintaining a healthy routine of brushing and flossing can keep them from developing tooth decay and loss. 

Of course, that’s a sort of figurative way to honor your local dental assistant, but there are plenty of other ways to show your recognition in person, too. Gifts like flowers or a hand-written card are a classic way to brighten someone’s week, but you can actually give your dental assistant a great gift without even opening your wallet.

The next time you’re at your dentist’s office, let your dental assistant know that you sincerely appreciate the hard work that they do to ensure that your children’s dental health is at its peak.

Heroes Dental: Dental Assistants and Pediatric Dentists in Laredo That You Can Trust

Without a strong support system of dental assistants, dentist offices would not run as smoothly and efficiently as they should, and at Heroes Dental, we truly appreciate the hard work that all of our dentist assistants put into their roles every day. 

Show your appreciation for these jacks-of-all-trades this Dental Assistant Recognition Week by coming into one of our locations for a checkup or just to say thanks. Our dental assistants and pediatric dentists all work hard to make sure that your children’s smile is at its brightest.


Contact us at Heroes Dental, (956) 568-6690, to speak with one of our dental assistants in order to schedule a routine teeth cleaning today.

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