What Steps Should My Little Hero Take When Cleaning a Removable Retainer?

Nothing is more important than staying true to awesome oral hygiene, especially when there’s a removable retainer in place. This situation can get tricky for your Little Hero, but there are certain steps he/she can take to keep a bright and healthy smile.

The first thing your Little Hero should do is remove the retainer so that the teeth can be brushed thoroughly. After this, encourage your child to brush every part of the retainer to help ward off the feisty Sugarbugs. Finally, remember that soaking the retainer in a denture cleanser once a week can provide an additional attack against bacteria and other sneaky impurities.

Let’s Keep that Smile Bright and Healthy!

As a parent, and the real hero, we know that you’ll go out of your way to ensure that your child’s smile is always in top shape. Our super sidekicks and caped crusaders carry out each heroic mission with this goal in mind. Let’s take on the adventure for better oral hygiene together! Visit the headquarters of Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry in Laredo today!

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