Is There an Incorrect Way to Brush?

As the parent and real hero, you want your child to take a stand for amazing oral hygiene. This means he/she will use their toothbrush as their strongest weapon. However, using this powerful tool incorrectly can lead to problems no Little Hero wants. If a child brushes their teeth too hard, they could potentially break down their enamel and gums. Although this problem is rare, your Little Hero should be taught the proper way to brush to avoid it.

Let the Mission Begin!

The fight for amazing oral hygiene can be lengthy and action-packed, but know that Little Heroes Pediatric Dentistry is here to help. Our Sidekicks and Caped Crusaders will equip your Little Hero with the tools they need and follow them through every facet of their journey for a brighter smile. Visit our Battle Station in Mission for more information today!

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