We all love seeing the smile on our children’s faces. It shows us that they are happy and content. However, it may be worrisome to notice your child’s teeth yellowing.

As adults, we may better understand what causes our teeth to turn yellow, but you may not know the causes behind your child’s yellow teeth. Not to worry, because your pediatric dentistry in Mission is here to offer more clarity on the matter.

Fun fact: Baby teeth are much whiter than growing adult teeth. Naturally, your child’s teeth may look slightly more yellow than before as they start to grow out their baby teeth! via https://heroesdental.com/ #dentalfunfact #babyteeth #pediatricdentist Share on X

Reasons For Yellow Teeth

The most common reasons why most children’s teeth are yellow are:

  • Foods and Drinks: Acidic foods like tomatoes and oranges may cause your children’s teeth to turn yellow. Other citrus foods and fruit juices can also cause stripping of enamel from teeth. Blueberries, cherries, or sodas can also cause pigmentation of teeth.
  • Plaque: Plaque buildup is one of the reasons your children’s teeth look yellow. Your pediatric dentistry in Mission recommends your child brush their teeth twice a day to prevent a plaque buildup on their teeth.
  • Cavities: Cavities and tooth decay are two factors that will discolor your teeth and make them appear more yellow. If you notice any dark spots or cavities on your children’s teeth, be sure to book an appointment with Heroes Dental to get it treated right away.
  • Injuries: The capillaries within your child’s teeth may break when trauma occurs. Blood, or hemosiderin, may begin to collect within the root canals of your teeth, which may cause your children’s teeth to turn yellow, brown, gray, or even black.
  • Genetics: Thin tooth enamel, which causes your teeth to look yellow, may be passed on through genetics.
  • Supplements: Various supplements, like metallic salts or iron supplements, may cause yellowing of teeth.
  • Chemicals: Antiseptics in throat sprays, lozenges, and toothpaste can lead to yellowing. Tetracycline, commonly found in antibiotics, can also contribute to the yellowing of your child’s teeth.
  • Fluorosis: Fluorosis is a condition that may be irreversible, causing brown spots and yellowing of teeth due to heavy exposure to fluoride at a young age. Children may be exposed to fluoride through water, toothpaste, or fortified foods.
  • Poor Brushing Habits: Children may forget to brush their teeth twice a day. Be sure to instill a healthy dental routine to keep plaque and yellow teeth at bay!
  • Congenital and Medical Disorders: Enamel hypoplasia, metabolic disorders, jaundice, or other inherited medical conditions may cause your children’s teeth to look yellow. If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to your doctor and your pediatric dentist in Mission to discuss the best way to treat these underlying concerns.

We Offer Teeth Whitening in Mission

Yellow teeth may be concerning, but we offer teeth whitening solutions to help shine your child’s pearly whites at Heroes Dental! Although there may be at-home solutions, such as brushing with baking soda or over-the-counter whitening products, we believe that getting your children’s teeth whitened professionally is the best way to receive optimal results.

We are sure to take extra care to make the tooth whitening process pain-free.

Give our office a call today to learn about our whitening solutions and help your child smile brighter and healthier than yesterday.

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