The holiday season is upon us. The time for festivities with friends and family means enjoying days filled with warm greetings, laughter, and a never-ending supply of delicious foods.

Usually, the last thing on your mind during the holidays is your dental health. But it is a good a time as ever to be extra mindful of the foods you eat. At Heroes Dental, we know that the holidays mean an abundance of sugary foods and increased risks for enamel erosion, cavities, and even dental emergencies.

Rely on the Heroes Dental team of quality dentists and experienced sidekicks to keep you and your family’s dental health in check. We can help you build or maintain those pearly whites so you look your best in every holiday picture with our dental care services that include general, cosmetic, and pediatric dentistry, as well as orthodontic services.

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Don’t forget to check out our list below of all of the best and worst holiday foods for your dental health.

Top 5 Best Holiday Foods

Vegetables. Think of raw veggies as nature’s toothbrush. Aim for raw fibrous vegetables like celery and carrots as they can help to clean the spaces between your teeth and remove plaque. Low-calorie treats, vegetables also provide an excellent variety of vitamins, minerals, and fiber to help boost your immune system this holiday season. We can all use a few healthy snacks during this time of sweets, cakes, and candies.

Poultry and Seafood. Protein-rich foods like turkey and fish are an excellent source of phosphorous. This mineral works with calcium to help you maintain strong bones and good dental health.

Dairy and Nuts. Make sure to enjoy a healthy amount of cheese and milk this holiday season but opt for a low-fat and reduced sugar options. Cheese contains calcium and casein, a dairy protein, which helps strengthen the surface of your teeth.

Cheese is also a low-acid food that helps to reduce your exposure to other chemicals that cause enamel erosion. Nuts are also a good source of calcium. Plus, crunching on nuts as a hearty snack stimulates the flow of saliva which helps clean the inside of your mouth.

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The 4 Worst Holiday Foods

Candy Canes. Candy canes seem harmless enough, right? Imagine a winter season without a candy cane in sight; it just wouldn’t be the same.

While candy canes are a holiday staple, they are better left for decoration because of the sheer amount of sugar they hold. When you suck on a candy cane for a long period of time, the bacteria in your mouth have an unending supply of food. This results in the bacteria releasing an excess amount of acid that can cause tooth decay and enamel erosion.

But cavities are not the only issue that come from enjoying one too many candy canes. These hard and sticky candies can also lead to cracked or chipped teeth if you’re not being careful. Just one wrong bite and you could find yourself with a dental emergency.

Eggnog. Even without the alcohol, eggnog is just another sugar-filled holiday treat. Just like a sugar-filled candy cane, eggnog can create a scrumptious environment for the bacteria in your mouth. You’ll be celebrating with holiday cheer and so will those pesky mouth bacteria. To get your fix this holiday season, opt for a homemade eggnog without added sugars.

Alcohol. The holidays are a time for celebration with family and friends and that often calls for adult beverages. A little bourbon added to your eggnog or a mulled wine on a chilly evening with friends can be a nice treat once in awhile. In excess, these holiday spirits can be detrimental to your dental health. Alcohol creates a dry environment in your mouth that favors bacteria. Over time, this may cause dental issues such as bad breath and an increased risk for gum disease.

Heroes Dental would also like to remind all of our families and loved ones to never drink and drive.

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Chocolate. Few things are better than picking out milk chocolate candies after a night of trick-or-treating or enjoying a piping hot cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter night. Those lighter-colored chocolates, known as milk chocolate, have a high sugar content.

Eating all that chocolate produces acids in the mouth that dissolve the protective layer on your teeth – otherwise known as your tooth enamel. Over time, this can result in cavities. Aim for dark chocolate this holiday season as the higher cocoa content is better for you and your teeth.

‘Tis the season to gift yourself the smile you’ve been dreaming of. With Heroes Dental, you can achieve a bright smile of pearly white teeth to look your best this holiday season.

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