It’s about the best time of the year for both parents and teens all over the country. It’s when everyone finally gets to relax and spend some quality time together for a few months!

Many families might even begin planning important life events such as weddings and sweet 16’s during the summer. They do so knowing that summer is the time of the year when friends and family will be able to attend more easily.

But aside from an abundance of events, vacations, and trips, summer is simply the season to relax and take some time for ourselves.

With summer giving us some extra time on our hands, Heroes Dental knows now is the right time for some cosmetic dental procedures that you or someone you know might be interested in.


Summertime is filled with warm weather, graduations, weddings, vacations, and family get-togethers, and we believe you should come forth with your best smile. Whether it’s a grad party or your own high school reunion, we know you’d like to show off your radiant smile for the pictures.

Teeth whitening is a simple cosmetic dental procedure with a variation of professional whitening treatments that can be performed. A visit to your favorite cosmetic dentistry team in South Texas and the Rio Grande Valley at Heroes Dental can help you determine which treatment is right for you.

There are a few things to consider, however, before beginning a teeth whitening treatment. If you currently have porcelain work, decay or enamel erosions, it’s important to know that not all whitening treatments will work under these circumstances.

In some cases, teeth whitening treatments can take more than one visit to provide the best effects. But this is exactly why summer is the perfect time for you to schedule a cosmetic dental appointment before the kids get back into their busier school calendar.

After your successful whitening treatment at Heroes Dental, we will also recommend a few things to help you maintain a shiny and stunning smile. Routine dental checkups are important and you can always ask your dentists for their recommendation on which toothpaste is best to keep your smile bright and beautiful.

You’ll also have to keep up with your oral hygiene routine at home including brushing and flossing the recommended number of times per day.


Porcelain veneers are one of our favorite cosmetic dental procedures at Heroes Dental because we know that veneers can positively change someone’s life.

It’s understandable that over the years of our busy lives, the consumption of coffee, tea, and soda can stain our teeth. Smoking and drinking coffee in excess, for instance, will leave yellowish and brown stains on teeth. Acidic drinks like sodas can cause enamel erosion as well.

These are many reasons for some people to not show off their smiles but porcelain veneers can completely change that.

Veneers are super thin porcelain shells, designed to look like your natural teeth. Whether you have chipped, cracked, or stained teeth, we guarantee that veneers can help correct all of these issues.

You’ll never want to stop smiling again.


Don’t let summer pass you by without finally starting your orthodontic treatment. Treat your smile with Invisalign while having absolutely no one notice!

Invisalign are a more comfortable and less painful alternative to traditional metal braces, and since they’re removable, they are easy to adjust to and can make the summer a memorable one without all the wiring traditional options include.

Show off your best smile this summer with the help of the cosmetic dental team at Heroes Dental.

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Keep this summer full of smiles, relaxation, happiness and family with Heroes Dental.

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