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The moment you walk in to Little Heroes, you are greeted with smiles and encouraging attitudes to make you and your little one feel right at home. Every aspect of our Little Hero concept is designed to capture the Hero in your child for a bright smile, confidence, and a lifetime of oral health. From learning how to battle and defeat the Sugarbugs, to receiving treatment with a gentle touch, your little one is in for one heroic experience!

Inspirational messages such as “You’re Awesome!” and “Incredibly Brave!” decorate our walls in comic strip fashion for 100% positive reinforcement at all times. Just as your Little Hero combats the Sugarbugs, we combat negative reinforcement. Our sidekicks keep your child’s spirits high and vibrant for a spike in self-esteem and creativity levels. We encourage a flow of energy and imagination for full participation during treatment and educational sessions. We provide Little Heroes with the information they need during their early years so their smiles shine all the way into adulthood.

Our services include routine dental care, digital X-rays, white crowns, outpatient hospital services, and care for children with special needs. Every room is both spotless and equipped with the latest dental tools and technology that make treatment less invasive and easier than ever. This is where your little one will learn to fight and defeat the Sugarbugs. We make the experience a fun and adventurous one to empower your little one with bravery and courage.

To keep the smiles of every little South Texas hero bright and beautiful, Board Certified Pediatric Dentist Sergio Guzman established three locations within a span of five years. He kicked off his crusade in Mission in 2008, followed by San Juan in 2012, and Laredo in 2013. Every grand opening has been successful in helping us cultivate strong community bonds with parents and their children. Our practice is committed to high-quality dental care for every patient, helping him or her fight the evil forces of tooth decay and earn the cape of a hero.

The Little Hero in your child is waiting to be revealed!

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